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"Violations of the 4th, no matter who or how is a felony. And if they're constantly at you, in a criminal way, it violates the 3rd."

If a word is underlined, you'll find it in DEFINITIONS

If it's a bold red word, it's a webpage on this site. I'm in the process of updating accordingly.






 Attorney General Eric Holder:  "She was born in Texas under a star. Bush fizzles out everything Debbie tries to do. And that front page is one of his opportunities"

Attorney General Greg Abbott: Bush is a snitch. No Michelle or Carson stalking us"

The grandchild is out, too.."

The truth isn't poison.

Robert S. Mueller, III:   "No communism to get things done. Beck is pew. You complain too much" Dallas FBI is GOOSE communism" and violates Oaths of Office as a matter of fact" "Debbie is a problem for Bush" is filth"..

Opus Dei: We taught the Mexicans lust.

Michael Reagan: Thanks for catching them on my Mom. If she can't read her writing in the dark, they laser her. Why is the tape recorder wrong when it can prevent punishment and assure accuracy? Anything Oprah is terrorism on Debbie"

Bush Sr. is not my campaign manager" (if I needed one) and I never needed or wanted Bush for anything. He's been a constant bitch in my face since the Safeway in Silver Springs, MD. He's too weak and so is his pathetic, troublemaking team"

Commissioner Kelly: "It's a felony to put petty on Debbie when she's working for us."

Compare the letters in my last name with the first letters in each of the words in "One Nation Under God."

88-84 Dallas Police Departments

Chief David Pughes: Communists stalking Debbie is a felony!. I'm proud of you working those streets."

Dallas Police: Raising her rent to make her look unsuccessful is a hate crime.


James Moroney 214-977-8385 That's the Dallas Morning News' job.

Heaven help us isn't deceit!

White House: "Reparations for slavery when none of us were slaves, is tyranny. Retaliations without warrants are fascism" Blacks are fake if they break her stuff. No access to fakes where Debbie is concerned"

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 (Heat on everyone)

Torturing her out of life is communism.

Stop playing with Debbie's business

Year of 2014: 55,138

Year of 2015: 102,885

Year of 2016: 84,438

Year of 2017: 76,996
October: 4,484

Current: 1,584

 4)453 5)376 6)258 7)208 8)106 9)71 10)112

Debbie is the only one that gets it on a daily basis.

Hate Crimes: August - December 2014: 5,013

Year of 2015: 19,861

Year of 2016: 17,121

Year of 2017: 11,449

October: 247


Put those plates on or Criminal Mischief

Homeland Security

If you know about it, obviously, it's not a secret, is it?

Jan '99 - '17= 18.9 yrs of acute laser torture"

Steadily escalating terrorism since March 1990

42 years (20.9 yrs alone) Monogamous relationship obstructed as retaliation for EEOC: I went to EEOC in August  of 1990 because a black man was taking my job away so a black woman could subvert the program.

Invading Debbie's privacy (espionage) with games is terrorism.

Debbie is wearing an SOG Wire and the police have access to it

One Nation Under God means no Dominietzsche running things"

FOP: To see more, go to ARKANSAS.



Secret Service Directors: "Hiring someone (U.Renee Hall) to "take Debbie down" is a hate crime, Mr. Broadnax."


Bush Sr. is threatening to break my TV. They already stop the DVD from working when I want to watch it.

Kellyanne Conway: "Not until I see proof" sabotage is ALT.


March 31, 2005

October 11,2017

  1. Any kind of espionage is a felony"
  2. Corrupting our police departments/government into telling lies about shooters and other disasters isn't a good thing.
  3. According to the Dallas Morning News the hurricane seasons that were "unusually intense" send hate mail to us. Find the differences between the years listed on 4A, 10-6-17 to discover her numerical freemasonry for "no husband."
  4. Paul Ryan romancing Romney was a felony when 4 years earlier he tagged you"
  5. Debbie's fighting communism while Alex Jones plays games with echelon instructors.
  6. It's a miscarriage of Justice to blame anyone using fake news.
  7. Riots are tyranny - an unacceptable path to success"
  8. It's none of your business, Dallas Police, where she goes and what she does.
  9. Keep each other strak"
  10. Calling her a "box" is a felony and also blasphemy (because it triggers violence")
  11. Stalking her is not going to make her better at what she does"
  12. Communism is a felony on Debbie" That's why you changed him, isn't it??
  13. Trying to control anything is racism, not Justice.
  14. Play your own hand. Leave ours alone"
  15. All retaliation is black tyranny, espionage and intimidations on you and us"
  16. None of this would've happened if blacks weren't given accesses they abuse. They don't want to live legally in the present. They want to be Queen Sheba in all things.
  17. Write up Condi Rice for sabotage of emails that are sent under the Privacy Act.
  18. All second things belongs to blacks is blocking human relations/commandeering us with defense/NASA" Most everything they say about us is a lie. This furthers our demise in their eyes"
  19. No X580.
  20. She shouldn't say she read that page.
  21. Winston: "You better listen to me (Bush Sr.) or I'll raise your rent." They do things nationally to cover their tracks"
  22. "Chief" Hall is retaliation magic; a coup d'état - a mobster carrying out tyranny for Oprah Winfrey.
  23. NSA/DoD  obeying Oprah is a felony"
  24. Retaliation magic is racketeering/RICO. Most common forms of it is laser assaults and sabotage"
  25. When I asked for Two Harbors, MN up came Caney Texas.
  26. Blacks can't be trusted with Miltech. Proven troublemakers"
  27. Black tyranny, for your information, is Magic Retaliation".. (another communist regime builder): Retaliates on people by using espionage
  28. Putting satellites on people is stalking..
  29. Recently, Hall spoke: "I want to be the one that takes her down. I mean to put her to sleep. My knee if she works the streets."
  30. Oprah stalks Debbie while she enters dates and takes dots out of emails on both sides of the equation to obstruct or delay. 99
  31. Stalking charges black magic defense on our police departments and NSA for terror on behalf of England.
  32. No, you do not get to butt into private conversations"
  33. Blacks in NSA stalking the police departments are hate crimes. (You saw three of them today coming to work). Case in point: Crowley, TX
  34. They created a world that's small minded and petty expecting answers to come from the sky so they boss with less and less real knowledge. They should assume nothing without evidence before assuming"
  35. Running people's lives with espionage is communism, not righteousness in the sight of the Lord.
  36. How can you call yourselves Christians??
  37. Bush messes up everything he doesn't approve of and that's a dictatorship, not approved by the Secret Service. He needs to shut up and move on"..
  38. How do we inform everyone about a coup without making it worse on everyone?
  39. Oprah Winfrey: "The Asian belongs to me. I'm the one who tore you apart.." This is Satanic fascism"
  40. It takes 17 seconds to open a small file.
  41. Bush Sr. (with a satellite) is a racist that robs the poor, if he dislikes them.
  42. Biala Fara: Eleven babies that loved God.
  43. What is small? Kilobytes under 100.
  44. Irving is DEATH"..
  45. The white rice ladles have all been stolen from my room.
  46. It's the government's job to protect the people, not InKwon sacrificing Debbe's life for Condi Rice's protection. Human sacrifice is inhuman, racist and sacrilegious.
  47. Oprah Winfrey: "If you let me torture Debbie, I will prevent riots and death on Koreans." 1997 Then he disappeared.
  48. We think Brian Loncar was in a mess like this one. The crazy Sky Nazi pushed him and we didn't rule out lasers as the final pop.
  49. They stalk married men they find sexually attractive.
  50. August 12th is Bill Sakkinen's dob.
  51. Shaun Kin is a cipher for "I own the South Korean."
  52. Heather Heyer is a cipher for "Thanks for letting us lie in the third."
  53. De Andre Harris is a cipher for "not a true British statement - FMO."
  54. Everywhere I go and everything I do is an opportunity for communists to stalk me"
  55. Oprah Winfrey to a member of the Dallas Police: "Never her famous, so I can get away" 38,2 "I own the Asian." 2
  56. Neagle is going to prison for trying to stalk Vista P.
  57. Oprah is a lawbreaking machine that thrives on espionage!"
  58. Write up Bush and Winston for Obstruction of the phone's full capabilities.
  59. The Holocaust Museum is troublemaking" Don't be Revelation 2.9 You know that was wrong to push on Balfour that Declaration"
  60. If I make a mistake on anything or if I forgot something, the Sky Nazis take liberties and punches me out with lasers to the head, face and body.
  61. The trouble with Swanson was started in 2012 by Regina Smith, a cop killer and Ann Romney. Ever since I have had trouble with them, my orders have been played with and thick catalogues stopped coming.
  62. Bush Sr. targets American industries with fake stories. In a normal world, statues and bathrooms do not enter into the equation of tax benefits favorable to businesses looking to re-locate"
  63. Bush is unbalanced for stalking companies like this"
  64. Well done, SMU: Psych ter shouldn't be established for later in life this can be used in racketeering.
  65. Cottle/Cattle AO referencing on AMAZING is a leak. That's stalking him.
  66. Bush Sr, trying to own our5 husband with pollutions about us is fascism, or misogyny"
  67. Stop calling illegal aliens "young immigrants." It's psychological warfare of communists to be deceitful"
  68. The Grand Prairie slut stalks him into committing adultery so she can knock down Debbie's name.
  69. Stop invading our privacy. It's a job application not a nuclear power plant"
  70. Carson's f... success doesn't depend on Debbie's freedom unless he's racketeering"
  71. Living in the distant past, instead of the present, is tyranny. On the present, this mind game is revenge and terrorism"
  72. Those statues should have never been taken down. You're all gunk for doing that to a peaceful people.
  73. Condi Rice (94-DoD) shouldn't be looking for ways to punish Debbie and Dallas Police shouldn't be either. Those Rec Ctr registration forms are none of your business.
  74. Negative reactions or false reports to any article of Debbie's, which triggers violence isn't family"
  75. You can't use the Bible to stalk people:"
  76. Intel's knowledge of criminal activity. Espionage is globalism"".
  77. "No Columbus Day" is atheist tom foolery aimed at holding down white achievements"
  78. Now the Indians are X208.
  79. The Holocaust Museum is kicking up dirt into the white man's face after so many of us gave our lives in WW II to shut down that punishment on European Jews that refused Balfour's invitation to Israel from Zionists.
  80. Here we go again with poops: "Feel sympathy for poor little ole me for the sufferings of my distant past, like I didn't scalp people and kidnap settler's children..." And if they screan they were here first, the same is true of colonial immigration, not the illegals moving in.
  81. All colors against whites is fascism/Zoom. See Balfour above"
  82. That's the end of it, George. I don't want to play"
  83. She found out about her name by opening the Holy Bible4 in a thrift store in January 1994. It's been over 20 years since that day and you're still beating her up over it. The store is north of Illinois and on the east side of the street. Hall is sacrilegious and so are all those that call the Word of God fake"
  84. Matthew 5.25 has evolved into resisting arrest. More on this in GEMS Saying she must obey the devils or she's lust, nullifies the Bible.
  85. "Slowly" is GOOSE, too. Johnson should have viewed that as a joyful event, but only a spiritual Christian would see it. She performed most atrociously on Debbie"
  86. The devilry blocks her access to conversations with other people. Everything is very stiff, awkward and terroristic when I try to be close to someone. I am the one that is suffering. Not you, Mam. Stop trying to scratch me everytime I try to speak up".)
  87. Response is 4 Hit me in the head with the laser. This one is Oprah's signature.
  88. Isolation Jars are a felony" 92-10 55-84 Librarians = 99 Bush Sr: "I said Oprah Winfrey first (in all matters and lives)."
  89. Huh?
  90. Librarian for Oprah: "I said no Ing Kwon." She said I have to pretend crazy in order to be allowed up because no one, none of us are allowed to be stronger than Oprah's regime. This is X580.
  91.  No holding Debbie down and copying her" 99 all of them. Infiltrated DoD and NSA is a felony.
  92. Bush Sr.: "You're never going to escape my filth on him"
  93. Rock River WY 55 and somebody erased all my work in this state.
  94. Coming into Debbie's room with a dime is stalking.
  95. They complain more to Dallas Police than other departments because Hall is a racketeer.
  96. Jennifer Staubach Gates is Massachusetts Drama.
  97. We had it with hoaxes from Oprah.
  98. No Christian teeth is genocide.
  99. X208 is not legal tender.
  100. Bush Sr. poisoning your husband against marriage was sabotage of Judges 12
  101. Rev. 22.12" We fight them together, Mam.
  102. For this we cherish you"
  103. What was the result in Chugwater?
  104. Communism is a felony on Debbie"
  105. "I thought she was Bush" is spoken by Kellyanne's and Bush's puppets.
  106. Christian movies like "The Moment..." are racketeering to get $ to finance movies and allowing moneylenders to insert hatemail to Debbie. "723-623" means no husband and FMO was in there, too. How dare youes stalk these people?
  107. The Dallas Police said: "If we don't catch the ugliness is it evil?" Yes, because the Word of God is not sown in deceit/deception"
  108. Where there is deceit, violence follows. And it's "come into my heart" not life, Kellyanne!
  109. Christianity cannot survive in Communism,, only the Good Book can.
  110. We do not use Scriptures to justify or cover up crimes we want to commit.
  111. We told them to leave Debbie's work alone and she said No!
  112. "I'm cleaning him" means she's brainwashing someone.
  113. South Dallas pedestrian hate mail and the match to Biggs in Fort Worth 99.
  114. Bill Gates: "Missed me"
  115. University procedures is one thing, but that other thing sounds violated. Micromanagement is a discouraging word outside of the nursery school"..
  116. It was Teck all along" May. Houston. Elm. Main...
  117. What happened to "be strong and courageous"?
  118. I dread the great evangelists dying off.
  119. I'm not wearing a tracking vice. I wear a cone that can widen to the size of a room.
  120. Kellyanne on Debbie with satellites is communism. She doesn't need that"
  121. I'm not "skitzing out about it". I want everyone connected with that incident  fired."
  122. Seattle Detroit is hate mail.
  123. Proverbs 3.7, Mam.
  124. Fuel has found a fire in Denton!
  125. I believe the MAD threat on the train made in 1999 is causing the fires in America"
  126. Write up Hall for racketeering against the United States/Muskegon MI They hurt people that say No to them and they keep it up forever. Never forget Frank Baird.



Oprah Winfrey and her crowd calls the above "crazy." If such happens to you, it's a felony! Notice the Ten Commandments aren't here. It's only a religion when/if they try to convert you.

Taking anything off of this website without proper notifications is communism/terrorism and Oprah showing off her espionage" Oprah is always playing games with other people's business!."

This is intimidation insinuating he's one of us.

Not shown is the address below. There is no signature.

Stalking charges anyone removing text or pictures from this website!

12-28-04 $1,004,305

03-22-05   2,006,195

06-13-05   3,008,770

08-13-05    4,034,250

11-02-05   5,055,390

02-07-06   6,099,040

03-16-06   7,128,675

04-11-06   8,129,895

06-03-06   9,138,240

11-22-06   10,057,415

01-26-07  11,023,670

04-06-07  12,012,385

07-12-07  13,007,150

12-07-07  14,036,638

05-16-08  15,086-132

10-08-08  16,042,245

05-14-09  17,007,025

11-05-09  18,111,850

12-05-09  19,037,490

02-04-10 20,034,570

03-11-10  21,021,090

04-09-10  22,074,960

05-07-10  23,020,890

07-13-10  24,089,111

09-07-10  25,001,285

10-27-10  26,020,390

12-30-10 27,006,800

03-24-11 28,003,005

06-06-11  29,105,650

07-28-11 30,000,505

09-23-11  31,015,595

12-12-11  32,047,120

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05-01-12 34,031,765

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04-17-14  40,006,390

08-10-14  41,038,330

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12-05-14  43,083,664

03-23-15 44,007,260

05-21-15  45,018,550

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10-02-15  47,097,730

11-30-15  48,019,045

02-12-16  49,058,620

04-05-16  50,082,480

                                                       05-20-16  51,062,635
                                                       07-09-16  52,003,320

                                                       08-06-16  53,028,065

                                                       09-06-16  54,010,335

                                                       10-11-16  55,072,105

                                                       11-08-16  56,021,805

                                                       12-14-16  57,061,020

                                                       01-10-17  58,017,595

                                                       05-01-17  60,007,150

                                                       07-12-17  61,055,105

Now we know what you're capable of. Squirm all you want; you're not getting away"