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They're all snitches with spy satellites

on us"



All Goose is fascism and against the law!

There is a page dedicated to their pogrom.


  1.  Breaches Security Every Chance they get is Communism" (Doesn't respect the laws of privacy)
  2. They don't want to play by the law.
  3. Please do not listen to these if approached by echelon. You will be responsible for your behavior on our satellites"
  4. These are the most serious offenders. For more on this subject, go to EVIL page. They don't want to act normal. They don't want to play by the law.
  5. Go find someone else to type up your scream. Debbie and I have better things to do"
  6. The following people are subversive communists" Everyone of them takes directions from electronic spy satellites often equipped with lasers. They harass and intimidate us into submission.
  7. Aiding & Abetting a coup isn't helping us" Bush Sr. gives everyone a hard time to get his way.
  8. X580 is not a legal action and neither is the Divine Right of Kings..
  9. Making whites suffer or do without for blacks to have a gain is fascism" That in the last century was Adolf Hitler's war.
  10. "Obey me" or [pain] is a communist dictatorship"
  11. The police running with Bush & Oprah is against me and I am the NYPD. The 10th commandment means "Do not lust" so don't change this in the back of your head"
  12. That bastard is a loser for stalking your cellphone and NSA can kiss my ass" Thanks for Andy Panda"
  13. That's for stopping our bill [Wagner-Rogers] from being enforced""
  14. Oprah gets around the law by stalking you without a warrant using espionage to locate your movements and filling the players up with poison about your privacy - telling them when to read things on your website. ]Breach of securtity] That's where they get all the comments" Then they make trouble on you If you get upset..." This is classic entrapment and racketeering makes this all possible" They'll play your situation both ways and that, too, is a felony"
  15. These games are indecent". Bush lies to get people in trouble. More and more people these days hear liars than the truth and Debbie's attempt to tell the truth is often sabotaged by believers of those liars" That's why it's difficult to get her picture published" They don't want the truth out there"

  1. ALDI's Joanna (74, 84)
  2. Amos Mun (99-89, 73-OW, 106-89)
  3. Ann Romney
  4. Bachman Lake Librarians (74)
  5. Ben Carson (92,89,70, X204-92/68,103)
  6. Binghampton Police NY(55-57,103,70 How did she know about this list?)
  7. Bret Stephens
  8. Candy Carson
  9. Carmen Best* (74)
  10. Carmen Ponder (50)
  11. Chief Renee Hall, Dallas TX (55, 70-74, 99, 92-11, 38, 57, 106,NG, 48, 71-OW,92-29-46,) Almost contant: "No Debbie Song." 50, 27-82,62)
  12. Christopher Wray (55-50,82-89,74 echo)
  13. Colin Powell (70-106,92)
  14. CNN (70)
  15. Condi Rice (70,46,27)
  16. Curtis Minton
  17. Dallas FBI Field Office (57, 55,46,70,99 and lasers)
  18. Dallas Lib. Internet Acceptance Policy (55)
  19. Dallas Public Libraries (99) Tired isn't mental"
  20. Darwin Williams(74-35)
  21. David Pughes
  22. Dawn Burkes (27)
  23. Diane Welch (74,99)
  24. And Stanley Robinson (27)
  25. Donald Shupe
  26. Donna Sakkinen (70-57, 27 to harass Debbie)
  27. Enrique Pena Nieto (NG) 106-84
  28. Faith Johnson (99,92)
  29. Frederick Frazier
  30. Free Phone (70)
  31. George Bush Jr.
  32. George Bush Sr. (70,57,103,92-10,62,55) Lies to get people in trouble
  33. GOP (74)
  34. Jackie Lacey
  35. James Ragland (89)
  36. Joe Straus
  37. John Cornyn (74,55,27, 92-18, 89-74)
  38. Joseph Dunford 55
  39. Julia Pierson
  40. Karen "Kathy" Pence (99)
  41. Kellyanne Conway (50-70", 46, 106-Oprah,74)
  42. Kim, Jong Un 106
  43. Kim Robinson (70)
  44. Liverpool NY (55)
  45. Loretta Lynch
  46. Malik Aziz (55, 73-Hall,70)
  47. Matthew Tarren - Walmart FB8/5/17 19:40:41 #9614 1414 3609 6032 5718
  48. Mayor, Clatskaine OR
  49. Mayor, Dupont PA
  50. Mayor, University Park, TX (27,92)
  51. Michelle Obama (70, 92-41)
  52. Mike Pence (46-Capturing emails)
  53. Mike Rawlings
  54. Mrs. Aziz (70-92-55)
  55. NAACP
  56. North Hempstead NY Purple female 70
  57. NSA (55-O'Donovan's Communism)
  58. Oprah Winfrey (70,94,46, x266-55)
  59. Oregon Knowledge Bank
  60. Park Forest Librarians (74,79)
  61. Plattsburgh, NY (55-OW, 99)
  62. Regina Smith (106-100, 70)
  63. Richard Woodruff(55,74-108)
  64. Rick Pyle (74,92)
  65. Rio Grande, Webb C & Royal (Suddenly after 6 months, 102)
  66. Rod Rosenstein
  67. Russ of Weston OR
  68. SMU* (70)
  69. Stacy King
  70. Stephen Mnuchin (55)
  71. Steve Rexar (55")
  72. Steven Spielberg (89)
  73. T.C. Broadnax (82,50,74,55,70)
  74. That Pigeon @ Dallas City Council (X208-E22, 82, schemes)
  75. Tommy Class (55-OW,57) 
  76. Vistaprint, Inc.
  77. Walmart (70)
  78. Walmart, Loop 12 & Webb C (102)
  79. Winston (57-99, 99-92-111-84 to 79, 48-91)

This stops Goose. Without it, we'd be in full blown communism which is obedience without liberty."

Communists use espionage, laser weaponry and intimidation to control what isn't theirs legally. This is called Zoom. It is unconstitutional, un-American, and anti-Christ.



This name and the one below it is racketeering to send instructions to T.C. Broadnax.

Detroit and her name Dodge isn't a coincidence. Then what is it?

It instructs him to hire Hall as police chief as she is the best equipped for taking down Debbie"

The instructor is Oprah Winfrey with a spy satellite" X117 is not restricted to that"

Thank you very much"


Why today did she read the review?

Northpark Police 106 Dallas Police

NYPD: Why did you lie to us?

Police who lie about people are racists.

The sidewalks don't belong to Northpark Mall outside the perimeter.

What was that about "almost"?

Without a warrant, she's stalking Debbie, like the mental midget she is!

Espionage isn't legal"

Whatever happened to proof?

SMU was a hate crime because they didn't base it on the truth" It was that malarkey in their heads"

Some people call that "poison" but it's malarkey.

More on this subject SLITHER