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Plane Crashes


Read WEAPONRY and tell us if any of these sensations are familiar.

 Remember Trijicon's? Thanks for letting me up! Look for subversive hatemail in number of deaths, flight numbers, dates of disaster and location of the event.


In my case, Scriptures are used to show me such is not going to happen on the Royal's watch..


Example 5-25-02: China Air 225 dead

Hatemail is No Ephesisans 5.25 or Genesis 2.25!


Besides Scriptures in the numbers, look for these things:

Color(s) of the plane

Number of passengers dead and living

Date of the crash

Location of the crash

Titles of the dead

Name(s) of surrounding cities, if any


The Devils/Guilty ones will always say I'm wrong for exposing corruption, not the killers of our peoples.


08-02-85 Delta Flight 191 at DFW Airport near where we had a business at 1240 N. Beltline Road in Irving. North Carolina #148


12-21-88 Lockerbie was arranged to occur on my anniversary date, 1975.


9-11-01 Flight 77 into the Pentagon? NC #707

5-2-72 J. Edgar Hoover dies at age 77

Flight 93, the one in Pennsylvania is #154.

Sullinberger III was a hate crime on Debbie.


02-03-05 Kam Air 104 dead

07-09-06 S7 (You can't run because he's drunk all the time)

08-14-05 Helios Airlines Athens Greece

09-05-05 Mandala Air Indonesia 145 dead

10-22-05 Bellview Eggos Nigeria 117 dead

09-16-07 Phucket Thailand

05-02-08 Rumbek

Several people are talking to each other about a deal here.


10-31-94 American Eagle Roselawn, IN

10-31-96 Brazilian TAM Fokkers

10-31-99 Egypt Air 217 dead

10-31-00 Singapore-Taiwan

What's that spell?


02-19-85 Mt. Oiz Spain

02-19-95 Whom might this be?

2-19-03 Iranian Guard II-76

One might be real and the others engineered because something can be used in it to send hatemail.


08-06-97 228 dead Korean Air in Guam: Response to someone saying "Debbie's dead." (Date of birth on file)


05-11-96 Valuejet DC 9 (5-11-5 Read ID Act signed by Bush Jr.)

10-31-96 Brazilian TAM Fokker-10

11-07-96 Nigerian 747

11-12-96 Saudi 747 Anniversary

09-03-97 Vietnamese TU-134 (No Herberws 13.4)

02-02-98 Cebu Pacific Air DC 9

02-16-98 Chinese Airbus 300-622 (On file)

04-20-98 Air France

09-02-98 Swiss Air MD-11

02-24-99 China Southwest Airlines (Did we get caught)?

10-31-99 Hatemail from Oprah

217 passengers reminds us of 2-17-1814 the signing of the Treaty of Ghent and it's my anniversary reversed which means marriage is out!

01-31-00 Alaska Air

04-19-00 Air Philippines (OKC)

05-21-00 Chartered Antonov 26 (on file)

07-25-00 Air France Concorde (on file)

10-31-00 Above

11-15-00 Chartered Antonov 24

01-27-01 Chartered Beechcraft King Air (on file)

03-23-01 C-23 Sherpa Military Transport

04-07-01 M-17 Helicopter

07-03-01 Vladivoslokavia TU-154 (BF to the White House before WF as reparations for slavery)


10-04-01 TU-154

11-12-01 AA 587

02-12-02 Iran Air Tours TU-154

04-15-02 Air China in Pusan Korea"

05-04-02 EAS Airlines 1-11-500

05-07-02 China Northern MD-82

07-04-02 Prestige Air

07-27-02 Ukraine Air Force XIX? Airshow

08-19-02 Russian M-26 Helicopter

12-23-02 AKA AN-140

01-08-03 Air Midwest North Carolina

01-08-03 Turkish Air

02-19-03 Above

03-06-03 Air Algeria

05-08-03 Congolese Army IL-76

07-19-03 RBAC SA-226 TC Metro II

11-29-04 Black Hawk Helicopter Bruceville-Eddy, TX

03-23-09 ...

08-22-09 ...

04-10-10 Polish Air Force in Russia (means no Catholic ever again real in the world) See the 1942 movie The Conspirator for more information about the British. And that's for Scotland Yard's comment!


01-28-86 Challenger Explosion

02-01-03 Entire crew lost


4-5-10: Request made know by signature laser and librarians that this was wanted here today by .... #6213

                                        WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

I will continue with this list when I re-write it. Original was sent somewhere!"

4-14-10 This is today.

7-13-13 I'm not allowed to list these anymore. I can only report on them when and if they truly occur. The one below is fake. If it contains something to do with my husband or family, it is hatemail intimidating me.

9-08-15 Updated pictures


Thank you: And they never win fairly nor should they 92/torture people to win. The numbers are in INDEX.


Blacks condition men into violence with harassment, especially if they can use espionage to make it personal. No one is immune to their folly.




April 5, 2010