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They will mess up everything in your life with stupid messages.


It means one of the satellites on me is Oprah!


1. On June 20, 1990, a message was left on my telephone from a co-worker. Wayne Brewster-McCarthy (BM) of Trinidad said: "Hello, Debbie? I'm gonna kill you."



2. On January 10, 1999, Byong Dong Song (my father-in-law) said into a telephone, while I was on the other end: "Kill Debbie Song." I called him on his birthday, hoping my husband might be there.



3. On Easter Sunday 2005, while my sister was driving me home from her daughter's house in East Texas, Kim Bradley* (BF) sat in the backseat and said: "I'll kill you."

Before she married my nephew:

After she married him:



Terrorism is compliments of the EXTREME bitch.

Kim Bradley is means Phi Beta Kappa which is Bush's Burger King machine. This name comes from several parts of my past. Interestingly enough, it matches the name of a child of the psychiatric nurse that accompanied me to EEOC in 1990. It is also the name of the date who took me to the high school prom in my senior year. This name does pop up occasionally in other places.

Phi means Fi as in Semper Fi faithful always to communism..



November 30, 2013