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A Biblical cubit is 21.8 inches 

Mark 14.51-52

The Shroud of Turin

Leviticus 13.51-52

(Remember seven is an R word)


Hebrews 11.6

 Genesis 2.7

Acts 12.7

From off of where?

John 8.6

Jesus tells us not to use satellites to spy on or capture and terrorize one another.

Listening devices should be used only for legitimate cases,

not to destroy persons disliked.
2 Thessalonians 3.11

Mark 13.19

Bon Apeitit!

Soylent Green

Galatians 2.4

Violations of the 3rd


John 14.6

Exodus 21.22,23

Mathew 1.23

This is the only Holy Baby"

Zechariah 4.6

Hebrews 11.6

Hebrews 11.6

 Ad infintum

Isaiah 11.6

is might of a satellite and mean people bossing us around

Please don't confuse us".

That's why He made us wait THREE TIMES".

"It's against the law to make her wait. Him on the other hand is another matter and would then be an abomination to excuse sinners".

Zechariah 4.6

The first part is Obstruction of Justice

Ephesians 2.2

Echelon in the wrong hands

Attempting to subvert us"

Ezekiel 38.14

And the ships of Tarshish made it happen!

For many of us, now, the price,is our souls.

Proverbs 1.19

Matthew 26.66

(Judges 5.12)

Deuteronomy 10.12

An Italian in a Spanish ship prepares the way...

Genesis 1.1

Revelations 22.1

(Revelation 1.11)

10 and 12 words respectively

1611 Greek Text"

Jamestown, Plymouth

Revelations 13.17

Enables Clockwork Orange

or what is now called violations of the third

 (amendment) kind.

That movie was way ahead of us!

This often happens. Thanks"

Isaiah 5.12

Who do you think He was talking about?

Stay awake. Surely not this one"

BOLO 267 is an abomination - first and last letters

Philippians 4.19

Due to a misunderstanding of Ephesians 4.19

the above includes "heart"

Luke 1.41

Works both ways. 

1 Timothy 4.1 Don't expect them to be good.

The urge to get at her is tremendous, they say.

1 Timothy 5.13

Do you need for me to tell you again?

Matthew 5.37

Always remember

Talking in reverse is confusion.

1 Corinthians 14.33

Ephesians 6.17

17 words are in 2 Timothy 2.5

And this protects us from Ephesians 2.2.

Matthew 19.14
Is talking about Evolution, not governmental solutions
that make us weak"

Proverbs 19.14
Put 'em back, George!

Isaiah 5.20
Exodus 18.21
What happened, Donald?

"I went to Kmart."

Matthew 24.46


2 Timothy 4.2

Matthew 22.37

A living relationship with Jesus Christ"

Genesis 1.2

Jeremiah 1.12

Evolution: God Mobilis

1 Corinthians 15.52

"A 40 second nanosecond burst of light!"


Exodus 12.22

John 19.29

Hebrews 9.19

Abortion is a bitter pill to swallow, but it is

a violation of the 10th commandment

wanting to rule over another's life!

More in GEMS #41

Romans 1.30

Skull & Bones

Ephesians 6.17

John 3.7

At the photography inside the body of the woman!

1 Corinthians 6.18

Whose body?

1 Corinthians 7.4

Without him, it's yours!

Job 40.3

A continuing work

because it's dangerous"

Luke 19.17

Drawn to scale

Psalm 139.14

Fearfully means in Holy Matrimony/Wedlock"

Wonderfully means thoroughly in love with one's spouse" 
Notice the sequencing

Matthew 19.6
How dare you vulgarize our evolution"???

]Isaiah 9.6 and Revelation 19.13

John 7.10

God sneaks in as the Christ

Revelation 18.13 (last three words)
A thirst for more than blood.
A thirst to do greater evil
A conscious thirst to put someone in hell.

Genesis 2.7

Human life begins

Joshua 11.11

Human life ends

Luke 22.38



8-22-17 Stop them from taking things out.