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[NSA communism or atheism are felonies]

OPRAH WINFREY: "I kill cops all the time. So what? If they don't want to mind me."

CONDI RICE: "I'm making you take the blame for my shit." 13, 92-41

BUSH SR: "Stay out of my alley." 84, 13

WINSTON: "I'm mortuary." 92-13, 42

OPRAH WINFREY: "I'll blow up the Empire State Building if she becomes ... No Holy Bible unless I and T.D (Jakes) run things. I don't care if you cry for us. No up for telling on my lust. Let me remind you, I have a weapon system." During palpitations: "I'm right, you're not them." 6, 47, 4 "You're too successful. Now, the pope can't get up in Irving." 92-41 "I armed Japan and soon I'll use them again on the United States if they don't obey me. The United States obeys n... now. Keep up the assault" 92-41 "No happiness, not even an orange soda."

BUSH SR: "That sign looks chaotic" in the minds of all who see it. "I like Hillary. She let's me beat Debbie up and she does Obama." 47

BEN CARSON: "I've had it with her."

FACEBOOK ADMAN: "I thought she was a crazy cunt."

DIANE WELCH: "Shupe her for thinking she's special."

KIM ROBINSON (in front of some): "I'll rile Debbie up, then I'll kill her."

HOLLYWOOD THEATER OWNER: "She'll never get in here again."

RICHARD SHERIDAN: "You need an exorcist priest in your home asap."

OPRAH WINFREY: "My cops rule>" 92-9, 92-42, 4 "Careful, that's a sickness in her."

CONDI RICE: "I'll kill the pope if you don't lay down for .... (Black tyranny)."

It's against the law to plan a murder of a federal witness" What's the matter? You no likey communism? That's what you're using in this conversation! Have you ever heard of the American word: NO!?

BUSH SR: "No federal witness for real. I'm lightening on her if she tries to get up that way."

ANONYMOUS: "Bush is no longer the president (Phew!) or the Secret Service. He's a boob they kicked out of office, (thus a sorehead) for lying to them and racism."

BUSH SR: "I should have cut your tissle (vagina) off a long time ago than let you kill a little baby."

BF CARVER H.S.: "Some kind of way."

DONNA: "No breath." Ambulance driver makes a false police report.

EXORCIST PRIEST: "The spirit of antichrist compels you."

MICHELLE OBAMA: "No movies" and then told them to bust open my front door.

JOE: "You're not real again."

A BF named Regina Smith keeps popping up on Facebook.

SMITH: "You're going to the hospital for telling on the police." X208"

BUSH SR: "Im going to knock the FBI down for [teaching] you things."

OPRAH WINFREY: "They (the police) worship me! I don't want any of your noise. I can kill Chinese with Korea. I won! I want no feelings" is a psychopath. "Obey black."

BRADLEY COOPER: "You're just a stamp."

NICK: "We think what you did in Facebook was sick."

OPRAH WINFREY: "Hold down more men. I got him by the bicuspids for telling more lies."

INKWON SONG: "I don't want to live with them anymore. It's sickening, my lies coming out of them." Witches forcing him to eat his lies was espionage was mostly based on espionage and intimidation" Now it's extortion mixed with black and Korean lies for $.

OPRAH WINFREY: "I could kill him for talking to you. I said no more federal witness." 38 "If you don't let me escape, I'll kill [InKwon]. It's too risky to let you up because I must be obeyed! I'll never be busted because the [puc] listens to me. " 2, 2, 12, 2

BF ON THE SOUTHBOUND TRAIN: " You ought to be glad I don't pop you in the teeth for telling on us."

OPRAH WINFREY: "No hope!" 42, 15 "Make sure she's punished because she disobeyed again!"

SMITH's ON THE BUS: "Don't commit! But, you have to go all the way back down because..."

BF EMPLOYEE QUICK TRIP: "Thank you for letting go of my police."

You have to play according to the law to be on anything Debbie. So don't think of yourselves as lucky or grand. And embaressing her on the front page is a felony, too.

August 5, 2015