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From Mental Health Nursing, 5th Ed., Fontaine & Fletcher, Pearson Education Inc., Saddle River, NJ, 2003.

* It's against the law to terrorize me into misspelling a word, but I did it deliberately to prevent EVIL from hurting me when she sees two words starting with the letters "in" close together. Word games are commonly used in freemasonry to send messages. This is not the same thing as "the craziness" which is ugliness on someone most often unlawful, using satellites and threatening to hurt someone with veiled and threatening word games or actually hurting someone with lasers. That's how I got so old and ugly.

KoKo, the first and last syllables for this city in Mississippi if played in crossword puzzle world, means "Lord High Executioner." Ah! Ha!"

He shouldn't have played against Debbie. He might have had a chance".

This doctor doesn't have a license in any state. She practices her lethal craft on all that disobey her and even the unsuspecting ones!" One of the rules of combat, is to know thy enemy.

"In Debbie's bank account is a felony. You are not authorized to play games with her money." - Robert S. Mueller, the Director in charge of Debbie!




May 28, 2014

December 14,2017