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 The Secret Service defending this country with lasers circumvents Due Process which promotes communism..

Violates H20, B11 and G16

Telling false stories so you can change people is subversion. 

266 means no real as in no Reagan's way.

2700 means no Christian rules of order.

The Constitution will only be allowed when Oprah is benefited. She will tell you whom you can marry, and when you can practice it.

Oprah making rules for other people is a felony.

Hence, she wants to destroy the United States and remake it her ways.


The following did not naturally occur. It was assisted by the darkside of evidentiary procedure.

Sabotage of any page on this website is Obstruction of Justice!

Be sure to read NORTHWEST for clearance.


FALSE FLAGS are designed to dupe juries and state/federal legislators.

These incidences did not occur as reported.

No one died.

The faces and the names do not exist.

Players are well paid to deceive us"

"12 Years a Slave"

You marketed it as real.

Passing this off as a real story was a confidence game and

An opportunity for Rice to stalk Debbie.

The 17 Japanese Fishermen was murder, not an accident.

It is completely forbidden by the USN to "rapid surface" without a leak on board.

Click here to get to DEARLY BELOVED for more destructions of our lives

And then this monster named Waddle was on the Oprah Winfrey Show!

48 Hours

For stalking the FBI

"5 Star Response"

is stalking children on Oprah's satellites for more persons on the No! page.

53 Fires Los Angeles Arson Ponytail"


An inside job: Who's playing with them now??

Two towers are on the left side of Lady Liberty 27

Cap is a cipher for husband"

That's brazen! NEBRASKA

911 Memorial

Look up the word phylactery, then look for the word physicality. Are they positioned opposite each other??

They never should have allowed fascism.

Blacks first at her expense is a hate crime and running amok on racism as fuel is appaulling!

If you have something to report, go to the bottom of BRAVERY. Tah-tah!

Afghanistan-Iraq War like Cambodia

Iran is a cipher for the first word - In

Afghanistan is a cipher for the last word - Amen

Everything related to this "war" is hatemail to me and mine"

Amazing #9's

Amber Hagerman Alert

Americans United for the Separation of Church & State

UK Ultra"

Royalty: "I don't believe in your method of getting up."

Student-Teacher-Student-Student. All students sitdown.

Thumbs don't count"

Amnesty for Illegals

Letting them stay for birthing children here corrupted the City of Dallas Bureau of Statistics""

The Los Angeles Springer sex scandel on illegals' children

Spingarn 2000 most probably at it again"

No bordertown bullies

Anderson Cooper

You and who else?

He's #9 laser, too"

Wolfe Blitzer, Donna Brazille and David Gergen

What? No Larry King and Connie Rice!??

Anything that comes against the Boy Scouts of America

Anthrax Letters



Oprah is stalking me to brag about it!

Attack on Libya

Aurora, California

Baby X Abductions

Oprah drama: Commonly referred to as "Cosmic slut productions"


Bird Flu and Shots

If you don't spend the $, out comes the super bug CDC creates""

Then you'll be sorry..."

"Black in America" (CNN)

They're stalking Debbie in the program

And they spy on her every chance they get.

See MOD in Restrictions

Boston Marathon Bombing 2013

Condi Rice made those guys with MKULTRA do that thing.

Debbie covered the event in 1987 for a newspaper.

This makes people afraid to help Debbie, and they hope

more likely to lie for blacks..

How precious can they get?

Brussels, Belgium Massacre

Oprah stalking the book I was reading. Inc

Cecil the Lion

Crap to entertain and train loonies on the internet to attack people

A lot of cops lost their jobs on that one.

Charlottesville Death of Heather

Communist hoax to enable blacks a weapon on whites - No one died"

Bush Sr. continues to grant them immunity in whatever they want to do to whites or this country, so built.

Dallas blatantly rubs it in with the names of the City Manager and Chief of Police who was hired out of order to show off their hateful might towards Debbie Song/Judges 5.12

This is Anti-Christ theology and the same machine that raised Adolf Hitler.

They are very proud of deceiving us! Don't listen to them when they say "we're talking in reverse.."

Bush in NASA is threatening us"

Chattanooga TN shooting of Marines: False Flag


And they're trying to get into China for same games""


They're building armies in those countries out of children that haven't been cleansed of Adam's sin for black echelon.

Natives don't get sick from the food and water they're born into. I saw it in Korea and that boy doesn't look wasted to me.

I could go on with the fakery.

"No Bush industry out of children."

Children carrying guns to school

Co-Ed the Citadel

Coffee Lawsuit on McDonald's

Denny's was entrapment

Microsoft was subversion

Cracker Barrel was harassment

Getting someone's ire up or staying around just to sue is called stalking"

You stay at a job becuase it pays good or you need it; not to set people up!.

In order to get ridiculous things to go through, you have to subvert or bribe judges.

Cartel Smugglers

Publicity for amnesty movement

Mexico in the news


Colorado Flood of 2013 NORTH CAROLINA #37

Thank you Mr. Kennedy


Condolleezza Rice


A scholarly threat from Britain


Lots of evidence of this British retreat

She can't fix anything, because she's a stalker"

Configur Virus

Most of the them are government engineered to get even on people

Many hackers are orientals and that too is a plan of our government"

Crashing cars into fences and buildings

Crop Circles NORTH CAROLINA #19

Dallas City Council

Says they have no money to hire Debbie but found $450,000

quickly when they wanted to take Robert E. Lee away!

The crane's name was Howell.

Dallas FBI - So there!

Dallas Police Association

They hear Oprah's echelon and plays games.

Desert Shield.

Desert Storm

I was working in Washington, D.C when these two were created.

Diffuse Dublin

IRA begins disarmament

Diversity in the Workplace

Japanese idea

Dorothy Bland on the police and others that come up for them.

Earthquakes Haiti

Earthquakes Oklahoma

I don't want a British assessment of Debbie without a warrant.

EAS changing their time


Most everyone here was set up for the $ they could pull in

Or to deceive the public about who did what!

MKLUTRA being used"

Ebola stories

Egg Recall

Many of them are just this"

Many of us hate Bush for this one!

Egyptian Stickery

E-Juror System in Dallas Texas

The TXAG will be looking into this.

It was advertized as $40. Why now $30?

Pre-meditated attempted murder is a felony.

You cannot terrorize her to get a message through"

"Sadistic, ... racism is going to stop! And you know I told you this!"

Anything rogue Secret Service can subvert isn't safe.

Elian Gonzalez

Elimination of "Mayday Mayday" as a distress signal


Oprah's inventions to stir trouble up in Mexico"

Yeah, I know he had a hand in it too""

Enemy Security

Engineering Mexican youths to be killed by Border Patrol

See A. Simmons in EVIL

Environmental Protection Agency

Epidemic Pedophilia

Eric Garner

Erin Burnett

FMO and also #9 laser"

Espionage and Imitations

Usu. candidates for public office that try to replace me.

Puppets of Oprah Winfrey echelon.




Fooled Cha...Fooled Ya...Fooled You, Suckers!, but not the FBI

Falun Gong

Oprah UK, subversive echelon.

It's a hate crime to manipulate people to overthrow a country and then scream they're a threat to us!

Condi Rice is manipulating in here, also.

Anbother version of Mao recently reported"

Exxon Valdez

"Fast & Furious" was a set-up to keep Mexico in the limelight!

Finger in Wendy's Chili lawsuit

Fires at Homes with Markers on them

Too many coincidences is a stalking"

Flint, Michigan claiming water is poisoning their residents

This is the new way to get $ to pay off debt - Lying

Zika virus was greed

Most disasters

Forever Stamp


Fort Hood Bunny Dodge

Never stage a female where Debbie worked and especially when Debbie is being punished for having worked there.

Sexual harassment the female police officer machinery"

That is wrong and subversive to stalk Debbie with imitations.

Get your own military base, South Korea"

Fort Jackson Oil Rig, LA.

"Freedom Writers" is a Holocaust machine.

Putting color on leaders or achievers is fascism..

Gabby, Arizona

What will you do for the Democrats?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Oprahoma

Gabby Douglas

Name cipher circa OF [Luke 13.4] circa 1998 espionage 89

Stunt at Olympics 27

Another communist way of getting at Debbie by showing off the trainer after removing Debbie's

Can't do anything unless they're hurting someone in the process is a hate crime.

Imitation of Debbie's movements after the floor exercises is racism

Oprah said: If I can imitate you, why do we need you?

Garfield Heights, OH School Food Fight"

How Misooki becomes famous

I have a lot of school stuff, but they won't let me put it in!

Garland was Bush, another false flag: Drawing contest

Because I refused to go to Walmart (near South Garland) for Oprah"

Genocide: Blacks screaming abortion is

George Jr. running for Governor of Texas"

Georgia Guidestones

Grain Explosions

Grass fires in California and Texas


Heartworm Ceritificates

Herman Cain

Halloween Plane Crashes

Heaven Is For Real book and movie.

Kid was on DoD espionage.

Atheists breaking us of the real with falsehoods.

Deleting stuff here is a felony, Communist"

Fly it under fiction..

Herman Cain

Home Depot's "Breach" and the taking of everyone's bank cards

Black ingenuity to take Debbie's "lucky bank card numbers"

This is a sickness that has gone on for far too long.

Too jelly to have access like they do"

All X208 plays include the press makes the truth harder to obtain.

Homeland Palestine/Security

Malcolm Muggeridge

Blacks first or else"



Hudson "Miracle" Plane Crash

Was really a stunt

I heard that dub about Misooki on TBN"

Hurricane Katrina

How many did you kill that time, Oprah?

And then many of them were located to Dallas when Alabama is closer.

Hyphenated Nationalities

Identity Theft

Oprah echelon selling us protection products"

Illegals giving birth to stay in AmericaRacketeering

Ingesting Cocaine in plastic bags to smuggle drugs into USA

INS changing the word "deportation" to removal"

That's a felony what she did and Janet's on it!

IRAQ - WMD fabrications

Jack The Ripper


Commercials full of hatemail about my name

Read Avodat Elohim

July 7th

No one died!

Coincidence? J. Edgar Hoover was 77 years old when he died.

In cryptic communism, it means no Judges 5.12

Kimchi Chronicles in Fort Worth

Kim, Dae Jung Nobel Peace Prize

A very low achiever

Kolbe Bryant Rape Trial

Korean Conflict


Lafayette Louisiana Movie Theater: False Flag

Langhart Communications

Las Vegas Largest Mass Shooting in US History

Paddock was fake October 2017

No one died"

The District Attorney's of America wants truth to prevail, not these scams thrown up in our faces to obstruct Justice.

Making sure people get a fair trial is more important to us than Oprah Winfrey spreading her wings.

Juries shouldn't believe in lies.

They undermine our system of Justice with these games.

Lawsuit $ spree for on the playground

Using children to tell stories or

Hurting kiddos to get rich and famous!

Mother-child first is anti-marriage if not an emergency

Stop making emergencies"

Lethal Injection isn't "cruel and unusual"

Too slowly move us towards no death penalty at all

Loretta Lynch - Approval of no COLAS 2016 from Obama's wife

They're mentally ill about how many pens I have is X266 ULTRA

Lynndie England's vulgar play on Iraqi POW's

Maum Meditation

Malaysia Airline plane crash

You're right! Planes do not disappear

That's how long it takes to brain the populations involved and make a Hollywood set.

McCain's POW experience

Memorial Day Weekend with Myo Kim in '97

Meltdown Japan


Mexico's Drug Wars/Cartels

Chapo Guzman escaped cameras erased

"We say no DOA agents"

Sandra Fernando is name games

It's mostly pot.

He looks like Obama because it behooves Bush"

MH370 and Phillip Wood

Number is opp. the time before the shuttle explosion of 1986

It's relevance is Woman's World page 37 and is a racist remark.

Another crazy story from Oprah"

Everything is Hollywood with these people"

The whole crime scene is a sound stage and she's trying to make it look like I'm fake too.

They have names for these people: Crisis Actors.

They think we're such dopes. They play the same epople over and over again.

Malaysia Airlines is an MA marker (Marian Anderson). See NEW YORK

Michael Jackson Sexcapades in the Courtroom

Michele Bachmann

Michelle Obama

First lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to sabotage the president!

Everyone else acted like ladies.

And no interested in other women's husbands

1964 version of Debbie's birth for the purpose of sabotage"

Michelle Wei

Midnight Basketball came to pass because

Teenagers were dropping boulders off the overpasses in Maryland onto car windshields!

This was duplicated in other cities to get think itis natural?

Mine Fields of Afghanistan


Wounded Warrior Projects enables them"

The DAV missed it"

Truth is the only thing that stops evil minds"

Miss World Contest

Mothers Against Guns

Echelon's stalking them"



Mystery Diseases


Rename an old one or mix something together and call it something else" for Ginas

Richard Rainwater is Oprah-Bush with lasers" He ticked off somebody"

Oprah Winfrey: "I got him back!"


Don't come in my room anymore!

You lied to us about integration. It was always infiltration and subversion on your minds!

Navigant Consulting

Is an Oprah enterprise

Navy Shipyard Massacre Wash. D.C.

In the movie Torn Curtain "CRE" is on a building

These letters are the last names of three people and the agencies they work(ed) for!

They were all born in a sequence.

Newtown CT

No one died"

But a lot of them, including children, learned lying

Night Dragon

Nobel Peace Prizes

have been compromised since Kim Dae Jung in 2000. He like many others are Echelon puppets of Oprah Winfrey's Ephesians 2.2.

SpingARN 2000

No Child Left Behind


Oprah Winfrey's X82

No Gun Rhee

Norway-Colorado Massacres

Hatemail from Romney to protect Rice-Smith plot on a police officer

Another vicious attack on the 2nd amendment



Occupied Wall Street"

Oprah Winfrey

Cattle mutilations

Sperm after death impregnation for bennies

"Tear-jerker" scams

The sacred white buffalo death


EASY AS PIE is sometimes the KKK (X122)

O-Ring (Oprah Rules) Shuttle Explosion"

Osama Bin Laden

Parkland Florida

No one died"

Pearl Harbor"

Thousands died

Pol Pot

His obedience to Ultra/tyranny enabled the Brits to enact the Boat People

Oh! Oh! Here she comes! The man-eaters!

Davies v Dodge in the making and never should the twain meet"


Portland Oregon Mall

Predator Row 2003 - Murder-suicides

Columbine etc. etc"

Maybe listed here separately

Pretending you want to help Debbie

Oprah Winfrey and George Bush Sr. deceptions"""


Thanks Clinton"


Stay out of this country.

Racial Profiling

Rigoberta Menchu

Study Hall contains more information

Rodney King

See White House for more info

Thanks Rodney for being a good sport"

Rosa Parks on the Bus game"

Saddleback Christianity

Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

I hope this

Hal Lindsay is Bush Sr echelon.

Go to North Carolina and enter #30.

Sex Education after Prayer in Schooling removed

Sexual Exploitation of Females Overseas

Engineered so solutions would create jobs and wealth"

My list of these games also has the injun names on it

Shade Trees for all people except whites"

Referred to as "Mozambique"

Sharpton & Lewis

Simulating Diseases with Laser Agitation of Body Defense Mechanisms

Sometimes the victim knows it's being manipulated

Others haven't a clue.

Slaughterhouse Kurds

Smoking outlawed in NYC Parks

Petty alert!

Snail Darters

Name of beast is hatemail to Debbie.

Love-able gifts for babies

$6400 to move them is a heist.

"REVOLUTION" - I can defeat evil with this one!

Social Engineering X208

South Carolina Black Church: False Flag"

Space Shuttle 2003

Spingarn Medal after extortion of presidents

Staff Development Days costs the taxpayers"

Send a memo like we did in the hospitals in D.C.

Or meet after regular hours!

And, you do it too many times!.

"No extra holidays"

Swarzenegger's Extramarital


Ted Danson (12-29-47)

Ted Deutch

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Comptroller Mess

Tianamen Square

Tiger Woods' Extramarital

Feed the press or else"

A black ho got in his head"

Don't blame Debbie


Trayvon Martin "Test"



Sexual harassment



Encounters of all kinds


Unarmed black white police officer


Creating opportunities to loot

United We Dream

No Dibbles

No communism. We don't need another black machine.

Unruly children bossing adults around

Or putting adults on the spot with brave new questions/espionage"""

Unruly 5 year old in St. Petersburg, FL

7 year old in Bethleham, WV

"Gay" Apparal Christmas Carol objections by school children"

Gay means "bright" doh-doh. Why did this make the news?

You're making me sick out here with all the petty crap!!!

U.N. Security Council

Go ahead, be that way"

Robert Mueller: "Be that as it may."

U.S.S. Cole Nicole

Vatican Sex Scandals

Voter Suppression Games"


Zika virus


What is real?

Real means a natural occurance without any government or political interferance or enhancements"" If ulterior motives are involved, that's unnatural being sold to us as normalcy. That, my deary, is fraud"




Until we meet again. - Description









I know of many healings done by centers for cancer. If they new the lasers were stopped and they didn't cure or remiss it, they would go out of buiness. So for this reason, I don't talk about it and just be thankful someone is going to die from laser-induced trauma"



September 30, 2011
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