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HR 3978- Permission to stalk bill in Congress that ignores the truth which is all terrorist attacks on America are echelon-controlled by President Bush, High Society and/or the Royals and are covered up by the White House (to be there) to push us into global communism: which requires psychological overthrow of the United States,, aka the Mark of the Beast, a dictatorship that watches our marriage beds and uses our children to make themselves relevant!.


"Your worse fears are coming to past."

If you feel this is happening to a family member, read the bottom of TEXAS for sudden behavior changes around things they would normally love.

The advantages people are born with in the sperm and egg lottery is none of your business, Mam. Wait until you get married and maybe we'll get a better crop, not so inclined to be foolish.


Go to North Carolina #58



Fronting blacks trying to get at Debbie is a felony. It is not a new way to play. "Jokes" is a term used by masons engaged in the overthrow of a country. The "new way" is racketeering communism on us. Satellites can tell us what and when we can do something or else and that's it. You'd be surprised why you're so busy and can't help someone and then suddenly not busy where you can help someone else. Think about it because they're racists on me.


June 15, 2011