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In 2007, Oprah Winfrey made this demand known:

 "No home until he commits adultery."



These numbers can be changed in my cellphone computer. So if they don't match the subject we're on consider sabotage.

Verifying anything Debbie does is a stalking charge on this one! She racketeers around Debbie to prevent people from having feelings for Debbie. The more real Debbie is, the worse it gets on her because Oprah is jealous and so is her Klan. That's EVIL.

EXTREME RACISM is Oprah Winfrey - the Grandiose Self - punishing Debbie for going to EEOC in 1990 and is now the portal to hell called the THOUGHT POLICE"

 This is cruel and unusual on you in violation of the Constitution.

It gets worse on Debbie as more people go along with her. That's what we call games. A Stazi Network using ELF communications unauthorized"

1. Sex in marriage is lust and must be for procreation only (PCO).

2. Sexual intercourse is allowed only when she says so, otherwise

3. She owns the lasers and everyone she corrupts with echelon, so don't try to get close to any of them, including the children..

4. Christianty will not be allowed to influence or run the United States without my protection.

5. Basks are precious and everyone is responsible for their care " is not a legal statement.

6. Orientals welfare and happiness always comes before Debbie.

7. Jesus Christ is a myth.

8. Orientals married to white females are racism

9. White helping white is racism.

10. Everything must be viewed as "black-friendly" or torn apart.

11. Do not go to the same library more than once a week or there'll be consequences for making me look like a liar. (You have to live her slander or you'll be causing doubt in her people).

12. No family until you obey me!

13. Lightspeed belongs to me.

14. If you complain about my treatment of you in the internet, I will esculate it"

15. I'll let you win once in awhile, if I can beat you up. [If she can turn something you want into a Fright Fest, she'll allow it!. This makes people into basket cases and assassins].

16. No broom handle on the cart. I don't care about her gait or balance.

17. I will break you! and all of your stuff!

18. I see another plane crash coming.

19. She's too old to want sex with them.

20. Think! Because I can see you

21. Everyone marrying white females makes black females look bad. These will be engineered to balance the beam. What beam?

22. All second things belong to me (First Marriages Only).

23. Block all first attempts she makes in everything

24. No success for her!

25. Hand-foot-teeth terminology and signals started here

26. Married women are just [vaginas was not her word] to their husbands

27. Account to me everything when I ask/demand or my fist!.

28. Only prostitutes marry American soldiers.

29. "I get to hound you till the day you die for going to EEOC when it belongs to me.

30. Espionage will be used to make movies, commercials and TV programs/shows to poke at a Target that doesn't believe in her garbage.


32. The black member decides who can come to parties and who can't. Also, the black member will always have first say and can have anything it wants in the white family or we'll scream racism. (see #312)

33. I create happiness and luck, not God or other superstitions.

34. I only control the government, police and Senate. They communicate with me (and her groups)..

35. If you don't pass mine, you're a racist.

36. All things that start with the letter O pertains to me and includes the colors purple and black!

37. The people she has in high places make these things happen for her. Believe me I have complained.

38. Every space will be shared with mine (which includes every space I'm in except my apartment, but they do come in when I leave for a special tour of my life and things).

39. I'll raise your rent and put you on the street again (by this and other means).

40. Keep raising the bus fares until she's out!

41. She's here now, criticizing me through the librarians. I have to do my stuff her way, or problems will occur. This may include:

43. No moral codes. Your soul will be deleted to attain this one. And don't try to fake it.

44. I have your address. Obey me!" 

45. Gets my bank statement sent to her so she can make sure I never have a job again and to make sure the apartment punishes me by raising the rent unexpectedly.

46. Listening to Debbie is not separation of Church and state. [Nonetheless, she fights to get hers access to my privacy on the tapes].

47. Reads things into everything Debbie does to enable her to poke others into intimidating Debbie!

48. Stop illegals immigrations to this country.

49. "I see. I spray."

50. I want no two hearts beating as one.

51. "Go slow" so I can torture her to death.

52. All people of color belong to me, which includes the Koreans

53. He can have sex with her as long as he doesn't love her. (Hate crime)

54. You have to accept this: You can only have a spouse without us in him if you are declared mentally ill or have a fatal disease. I will not accept a criminal record!" [She drops the y because it's the 25th letter and the middle number in my Dob. Look for these kinds of things.]

55. Only look away and I'll come (to retaliate for you).

56. "I giveth and I taketh away."

57. No famous sueing her. We must prevent her from being known with that name.

58. "She's a snitch." (Misapplication of terms to subvert)

59. She has to let go of him completely or I won't let him go home. [If this is how it goes to get to high places, it's gotta change.]

60. I said no twice to Debbie in 1997 (and she rubs this in everywhere)!

61. If you tell on the FBI, you're not the FBI. [Huh?]

62. Never touch or stop mine from doing crime/evil/wrong in the world.

63. No 7/12 on the webpage. Make her take it off! Warning as a command is a dictatorship!

64. Byong Dong's "5 years no husband" rule for "moving to DC" is going on 15 years now.

65. Using espionage, she tells my family what to say near a telephone that she can agree with and put violence in my life. Latest admission by B.D. was to have me "mugged for telling on my son" in the nearest future.

66. Uses these dates in commercials to scare me: 7-12, 11-12, and 12-21 (All anniversaries in 1975).

67. Likes to remove/steal or break things that begin with the letter R

68. You cannot visit your mother or wife on the holidays. You can only be together as a family on the day after. This was challenged in 1993 and caused an accident on Westmoreland & Kiest which almost resulted in the death of my husband and son as hatemail again!!!

69.A through E has been moved to Amazing #18.

70. If you can't do something more than once, you're being stalked. Please tell someone ASAP, preferably not this one

71. "It costs!"  THIS IS EXTORTION!

72. The second time something is done, you will be kept waiting on purpose. 

73. "Prevent things I don't like!" is a command and believe me if you like it, she won't!

74. "One weak" is a request to harass one marital partner into adultery or into harassing and playing mind games on the other while her satellites sit in as an audience! This often leads to extortion and sometimes murder-suicides.

75. She's just stink.

76. The orientals belong to me for mind control and cornering of their wealth!

77. Helping his wife is racism still applies. 5/16/10" Prevention of his sex life with her is a hate crime.

78. There's a lot of stuff she says about controling the FBI I can't put in here. She's very mean despite the defenseless image she projects" to people on TV.

79. Women should use their sexual orientation to keep men in place. Men should honor women without wanting sex. See #1 

80. I will always be acquitted.

81. "I require death" was Bush Sr. too!! means someone has to pay for upsetting her!

82. I said Debbie's a racist and that's it."

83. Natural gas buses = smaller buses = more buses and more busdriver jobs!!

84. She'll put the rubber industry out of business promoting sterilization in marriages.

85. Don't let Debbie relax. [Sabotages all leisure activities with stalkers called LYNCH MOBS]

86. If you help a man, you're a lusty woman.

87. Let the pregnant ones cross the border illegally.

88. She doesn't have problems with her joints until Oprah comes along with that laser. "Do not take this one out of context"

89. If you help me, I'll make life good for you.

90. I own all money and power in the world and there is nothing that I don't own.

91. I decide what the truth is, not you.

92. Never trust me.

93. Obey me and I'll let you up.

94. I can make things worse if I want to. I am the master manipulator.

95. I am stink!

96. I say what is lust and what isn't.


97. I manipulate the press.

98. I said no internet page.

99. Everyone listens to me when I call her a vagina.

100. No close contact with anyone until she obeys me. Essentially, no relationships with anyone.

101. No happiness in her life and esp. none from him.

102. No law enforcement unless I approve.


103. Put security guards in police officer places and pokes them into unlawfulness.

104. Trigger alarms with lasers.

105. Feel me as an unwed mother = take care of me"

106. Feel me as a slave.

107. Raise prices to get at her $. Punish her in the wallet if she tries to save.

     This is Staples:       

        1. 9-60 min tapes for $8.99 (Maxell)

        2. 3-60 min tapes for $3.99

        3. 6-60 min tapes for $8.99 (TDK)

        4. 3-60 min tapes for $4.99 (changed again)

     Remember Office Depot did this:

         1. 6-90 min tapes for $7.99 (TDK)

         2. 6-90 min tapes for $14.99

     And let's not forget Radio Shack

         Was 1-60 min tape for $3.99 (RS)

         Now 3-60 min tapes for $10.99 (Maxell)

    Dallas County: This is obstruction.

108. Call the police on her. I'll tell you what to say.

109. I want no memories of her thing in his mind

110. I am the Queen.

111. EEOC belongs to me.

112. Make everything hard on her.

113. No one better get caught helping her (where she lives).

114. You better stop the bus for me no matter where I am, but never for her.

115. If you're not using your husband, he's mine! This disturbs people.

116. I said rest from her thing at Misooki's.

117. I make Supreme Court lists.

118. Don't make me mad.

119. She kills people and then wants to take care of their families with government handouts or echelon direction(s).

120. Create a stink so I can use this one:

121. No Holy Bible

122. I'm the (Ku Klux) Klan when it comes to mixed marriages

123. Do not read her sign. Just call the police.

124. Complain about everything I think up!

125. He (the husband) can't come home until he commits adultery with Myo Kim and he can't use love of his wife's an excuse for sliding out of it all these years.

126. No real with the husband again.

127. I'll bring him back to you if I can lure him away from you again!

128. I already sent him back! [You only lent him!]

129. No health care unless it's an emergency or we'll deny injury, problem etc.

130. Punishes us for avoiding police entrapment games arranged by her with 84.

131. Uses an accomplice to voice and/or steal what she takes from you with the laser..)Another will always be near by to take what you went back to look for"

132. "Not your first husband - no sex. Annulments don't count."

133. Locks doors that were left opened to deny entries and then calls the aggravations she causes "jokes"

134. Everytime [she] complains about something, take it away from her or make it worse on her! This she says to GOOSE!

135. "Hit him in the heart" is referring to Robert Mueller.

136. "Hit her in the heart" is referring to Debbie.

137. If you open something you've closed, she claims she is authorized to steal its contents. 92-10 Then she brags how well postal clerks obey her echelon. [Everything must be perfect or she can gripe about it is a felony].

138. "I always hate Debbie."

139. Mess/spoil everything first in her life or I'll give her headaches."

140. "Having a webpage makes her a fist on me. Stop that one!!!"

141. "Sabotage her activities because she isn't [black]."

142. "I don't want her thinking she's going to get up with him (the husband without me controlling his mind and activities)." 7

143. Miscontruces the truth with echelon always playing on the fears of the persons conversation is directed at: "She's crazy. Don't read that sign."

144. "Another month" no husband for disobeying us (or for making a mistake that upsets a stalker).

145. "Always at a distance so I can control his mind because he chose me not your thing." aka "No controlling him with your [thing]."

146. Get those birth certificates away from her! [Replaced with SUBVERSION]

147. Strong men in first marriages only!

148. No lust!

149. Obstruct her access to the internet to send emails

150. Her having good health scares me.

151. I own Defense and Justice

152. I can make men into little boys (with espionage and terrorism).

153. Anyone that helps Debbie believes in Jesus Christ and that's not allowed..

154. Wants to run her show for 25 years because Debbie was born on the 25th day of January. 62

155. [Debbie's] way of doing things doesn't work. Hate crime. 

156. No sleep! Index 83

157. No virgins. Teach him vulgar sex so he won't love her.

158. Tell Debbie what you told me about "kissing."

159. Use Hillary Clinton to get at Debbie's wire.

160. She's a hopeful with teeth. Knock them out!

161. If you try to get up, I'll expose your Korean husband with Myo Kim.

162. There's a penalty (89) for telling on me.

163. If she believed in Jesus Christ, she wouldn't play against us.

164. Take Christmas out of him.

165. She can have a website if she makes it look crazy.

166. I'll use the police again.

167. She's just tail to him.

168. Walk around with a cart and I won't use the police to lock you up in a mental institution.

169. No miracles. I can't imitate this.

170. I own the Catholics.

171. I'll give Mueller a heart attack. (#135)

172. That's my knife.

173. No true love (repeats #50)

174. I'm Oval's.

175. Security clearances are racist. Mine will not have to pass! [Repeats 35]

176. Espionage will be used to stop racism. I am paine.

177. Now watch!

178. Pumice! (Espionage and entrapments)

179. The world can be real with him inside her only.

180. Saving $ makes her a fist on me. Enter #107

181. Sanctuary Cities is a good idea. It's in the Holy Bible.

182. She doesn't like the color clothing I wear in public. Have you heard about it?

183. No tapes unless I can hear them.

184. I said no together for telling on us.

185. Lures bugs into my food the minute I turn my back.

186. Bethleham means unwed mothers are not sinful.

187. We don't need Jesus Christ anymore. You've got me.

188. You're white trash for marrying him (outside of your color), but engineered a black female onto my nephew.

189. If you have sex with him, I'll stroke him.

190. Just laydown

191. No veterans. (Also said "No vets").

192. We'll riot.

193. I just don't want her famous [because Christianity opposes communism] is also voiced by Michelle Obama

194. I think she's still too cute. You have to hold her down for another ten years.

195. I said no handicap on the bus.

196. She's using my $ with the D.A.V.

[Governement $ doesn't belong to Oprah Winfrey]

197. She's just poo.

198. She's not a Christian for calling me a name.

[Debbie has never talked to her].

199. Her health is a threat to me. [150 is long version]

200. I said no Debbie!

201. I thought I could make Debbie dead with espionage.

202. Drive a taxicab.

203. He's not allowed to think about your vagina until she obeys me. 92-10

204. You're not cripple yet! 92-13

205. No both in L.A. (because she's against veterans).

206. She'll never make it up without my fist. Minnie is mine.

207. Spermless the rest of the summer for telling on us!

208. Always come for me! [Racists come for this one].

209. Make him a foreigner again.

210. No monogamy out of color.

211. "Bust [little white girls'] hymies"

212. Stop her mail to the Attorney General with my police (See Smith in Evil) Then tells postal clerks which box to steal from going through.

213. Steal her money and make her homeless. She's go it too posh (at that hotel)."

And then through the years, I stayed, more and more amenities were taken"

214. To others: "Hurt her or I'll get up (and hurt you is implied)."

215. "Having tapes is teeth on us" was heard in a Los Angeles courtroom.

216. No Americanized Koreans on Koreans

217. I want no libidios in any of them. Sexual terrorism is designed to make youes heartless and cold.

218. Good luck, Steve.

219. No Christmasses with her" started in 1997.

220. Send nothing of hers to him/Los Angeles.

221. I raise rents to get even.

222. [Debbie] ought to be in cuffs for telling on us. 41-15, 47

223. I can stop that box from going through [to Austin] any post office.

224. That's why Misooki gets him - He's so dumb.

225. No slope (oriental husband).

226. "No her way" or no real way of doing things.

227. I said no her [whole] up. I said penisless in the White House!

228. You better not [hurry anything in regards to her in Spanish].

229. Fisher [Subvert her]

230. You better play it my way or no virgin money

231. Show me how mean you can be to Debbie.

232. I want to own him for helping her.

233. [Break] the tape recorder or the clock.

234. "No first" is everything above and everything following this number.

235. She'll never have an orgasm again. I made sure.

236. Torture her again [to Winston]. 18, 53, 13, 4, 2, 6, 4...

237. You're a twelve if you want him.

238. No near Debbie. [Don't hear Debbie].

239. I believe your mother is possessed.

240. I said no kay* special. This is the Korean word for dog, but to Oprah it means dogs want only sex.

241.  I decide when it's an emergency.

242. "I don't want Debbie"

243. Don't let her up! Don't even publish her.

244. I don't like what she did to that cop.

245. Lower her rent!

246. I don't want her in the movie business. 11K CHAPTER AND VERSE" [offline now]

247. She stinks [like cops do on criminals]. Amen!

248. He can go home as long as he doesn't get an erection [any erections] for her. 1/12/12 Hate/27

249. No grub. You can only eat kimchi and rice. [This was accompanied by a Smith echo: "Or I'll cause constipation."]

250. I'll get him for 77 [re: marker in thhe movie "Eyeborgs" syfy 1/4/12]

251. Go to BOLO (251-500)


For more on her extreme comments. go to LYNCH MOBS and view the list under U.S. SECRET SERVICE

Psychological and sexual terrorism is attractive to GOOSE.

Thanks anyhow.

Go to North Carolina #20 to view her tactics.




October 20, 2014


Way: Legal and above board 

Power can make people crazy.

Kay: Korean word for dog. Therefore, it means no Debbie Song, a cipher for this website meaning all Feds have to be found trying to subvert me or else!!!

The title of this page was granted from a legal source and should not be challenged by subversive racketeers. You know who to contact with questions!.

 If you persist in playing "no real" games on us, you are a troublemaker. End of story"

"If you work for the government of the United States of America, you better start acting like it!. It's none of your business what we do with Debbie!"

December 15, 2009