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From these come Lynch Mobs and standing troops (Article 1, Section 10, subparagraph 4)



The following businesses have been subverted by its employees:

Oprah Winfrey continues to threaten Debbie with sabotage 5/8/12


770 AM Radio

7-Eleven, Inc.

Greenville & Park

Harry Hines & Burbank

Harry Hines & Walnut Hill

Preston & Forest

Forest & Marsh

Loop 12 & Lemmon

Loop 12 & Jupiter

LBJ & Farmer's Branch


99 Cent Store

Frankford & Marsh

Preston & Alpha

Garland Loop 12


Forest & Marsh

Josey Carrollton


Preston & Alpha



Frankford & Marsh

Alliance for Young Artists & Writers

Al Sharpton

Ann Davies


Arkansas License Plates are also getting sick!

Arts District Dining .com - Subversive advertising

Ashanti Blaze - 70, 99s for Ott Griggs 74 Beige truck subversive terrorism"


Theft and sabotage

Using Minnie David as an accomplice to theart Debbie fighting them

Hears espionage to collect non-debts!

She's stalking my cellphone

Azteca Grocery

Forest & Dennis

Best Buy

Central Park

Aiding & Abetting a hate crime November 2003, that included a False police report! Due to black obstructions and harassment it takes too long! Look at Debbie: She can't even order something from the internet without intrusive comments, assaults and sabotage.

Big Lots

Valley View Josey (FB) 

City Place Station

Bimbo Bread Outlet

Story Irving Blvd

BLACK FEMALES- Mongoose in the field

Walks around and says intrusive things and makes threats


Threatens me on train platforms

Pretends she's talking into a cell phone

Calls the police and security guards stupid dogs

Calls lies evidence

Makes false reports and threatens to riot or go to the press if someone refuses to obey them

Ignores signs and gets loud to get her way over permit holders.

Would rather be dead than yield a chair in handicap section tio card holders.

Demands access to things belonging to Debbie

Outnumbers Debbie and expects her to be quiet while she slanders and lies to guards and others she thinks she can use to obstruct Debbie from doing something"

Uses assault weaponry to make a point - Looks so innocent, but is probably assaulting Debbie"

Doesn't have Mueller's permission to stalk or invade Debbie's privacy or locations

Blue J

Harry Hines

Braum's Ice Cream Corporation

Cromwell & Forst

Inwood & Lemmon


Bureau of Statistics - Dallas, Texas has been subverted

City Hall on Young

Removal of parents birth places from the record

Stumps geneologists with this deletion

Hate crime removal of photostatic copies of records

Chaning the "white" way of doing government is genocidal.

Fancy certificate gives them an excuse to overcharge customers

Petty communism reeking the scenery

Canadian Winter Olympics

Candy Park

Carrollton Library 

Josey & Rosemeade

Josey Ranch

Cedars Open Studios

Channel 4 News

Chase Bank

Josey Valley & View 

Computer Center in San Antonio

Bahama & Fort Worth Ave.

"There are no coincidences in satellite world!" 84/Obstruction

City Council- Black bagging two birth certificates from Debbie's locked possessions and then changing the Birth Certificate style and information to coverup a murder for Rice!.

Stalking and sabotage is espionage on Debbie

City of Dallas - Subversive play and slanders /84, Living Large" slogan 27"

City of Dallas: Code Compliance - Fraud & Waste: Vehicle color change 96-74

City of Farmer's Branch - 70 for Cassie

Claridge Point Apartments

Ridgecrest & Park





Espionage and Intimidation 9/29/11

Uses lasers to sabotage Debbie's stuff as 89


Code Compliance - Hampton Illinois bus stop 9/23/11 74

Illegal use of badge"

Use the satellite photo. I was too afraid to take a picture

Colin Powell

Condi Rice

Container Store

Alpha Galleria

Convenience StoreDistributors - Deliberately removes and or refuses to replace products I buy in the beverage depts.

Country Brooks Apts

Rock Island MacArthur

Perjury and Eviction

Cost One Food Mart

Elm & Ervay is BF

CVS Pharmacy

Forest & Dennis 

Dallas Police Department

Under the interim command of David L. Pughes and asst. Malik Aziz

Racketeering with Oprah Winfrey who is always sharing his designs against me to me.

Stops my access to online services.

Says terrible and untrue things to stop me. Shoots first /X208

Never verifies sources, just slaps me down"

This isn't the first time, Joe"

Protecting Oprah Winfrey's ego with July 7th hoax.

Dallas FBI

Racist Retaliation, Obstruction and Terrorism

6GH, 8D, 8S, 8T, 8U, 8HH, 9B, 9T, 11, 11B, 12E, 13D 

Racketeering with Oprah is a felony.

No appointment. Let her go to California, troublemaker.

Danny said: "Leave her alone", too.

Did he have something to do with the firing of Guadelupe?

82-Aiding and abetting a coup d'état includes Danny!

Dallas Fire Chief 

Alarm is triggered by subversives is used to stalk/intimidate department personnel

Dallas Public Libraries

Cromwell Library called the police on me.

   Black female: "I'm no white girl snitching on us." 10/15

Employees conspiracy Dallas Police on Debbie"

Dallas Police #0257 came out and called me crazy.

All progress went back on me when Oprah subverted FB's.

Though patrons harass with dirty looks, stares and comments and tech harasses her, they prevail because Oprah found another X208.

Bachman's BF notoriously attacks me with intrusive comments and lasers

Dan Quayle

You put her to death playing these games.

 Department of Defense

Using weapons on Debbie

Too cruel

Department of Defense Secretary Gates: "Stalking Debbie's wire treason, subversion and terrorism. Michelle Obama sabotages Debbie every chance she gets and she's the one that bankrupted this country with games of this nature"

Department of Justice: "Ditto the man."

Obstructions of Justice

Department of Public Safety

Judge Wopner

Officer Smith - Still stalking me with espionage and threats

Vandalism makes them both unfit for their jobs

No more up and at 'em to get at Debbie

Timing is a hate crime/stalking

Don't think things about Debbie when you're using espionage"

District Attorney Faith Johnson

First since my return to Dallas to use weapons and espionage on me.

Reminds of the crueler one in LA County.

Dollar General

Forest & Greenville

Josey & beltline is on Restrictions

Dollar Tree

Camp Winston Cocky Hill

Donna Deardorff

Downtown Business News

12/2010 74, but Page 9 sends hatemail for a Korean Narional to an American citizen that constitutes a hate crime..Thus it insinutaes clout would be unlawful to back the Koreans!

Downtown 74

Other signs extortion/Riots is fronting subversives 96

Can only be BF FBI in Dallas infiltrators""

Downtown Patrol

Since November 2010

DPD Crisis Intervention Unit -

A Stalking if I ever saw one from space"

99 Harassed by Officer Martin at a bus stop because the bus was late

Keeping a log on me to appease satellite!

Trying to lawfully charge me with subversion of communism

May be taking favors from subversives

Doesn't protect me in anyway"

Very illegal to play with this witness

If the Congressman is involved, he will regret criminal games"!

Uses espionage to find her on the street

Most entries are inaccurate and legalizes stalks

Bribing her family to make false reports on her is a hate crime!

Stopping webpage without due process or notifications is still a hate crime""

"Scaring her is obstruction"

Failure to help the police when told could be a crime, if you didn't have such a great excuse!

Close-ups on Debbie with satellites leads to sabotage"

Did we get aboput this, Oprah?


Timing is a hate crime/stalking

El Finex

Alamo Woodall

Entertainment Mart

Alpha Preston


Fort Worth & Hampton

Central & Lemmon

Riverfront & Continental

Greenville & Mockingbird

Family Dollar

Polk & 67


Farmer's Branch Police said Cassie is 70.

Farmer's Market

Threatens to hurt me with higher prices if I don't share a flier with them.

Second time I was there, security guards stopped me for questions about the sign

But harassers never get stopped!


Josey Beltline Restrictions

First Baptist Church

Downtown Dallas

First Church of the Brethren Chicago 


Webb Chapel & Forest


Plano George Bush Station 



Always catching southbound is a hate crime and using Debbie's work as a guide is theft. That's racism what she says about Debbie.


Blocks capability to edit profile so blacks can make problems.


Pueblo, CO facility


Subversive alignments!


Reservoir Road & New Hampshire

Hardball - 55

Hawthorne TV - 71, 74, 27" Another imitation based on espionage

Her character is based on espionage

Seen kissing a WM when mixing is forbidden to me by them

Helping Jerry's Kids/ Mini poster:

Felony Recognition/that look

Herbert Marcus Elementary -

Northaven Dennis

Holy Land Foundation - What did I tell you?

Hangil Hotel

3I, 4F, 11E=10R", 5D-10L, 5N, 6JY, 6P, 34-6-16C"-6J, 8BD, 8MM, 9F, 9N, 13F-11-1, 13V, 14-14N-10Lo, 13F-16B-11F

Theft from Debbie upon Oprah or Condi Rice's command

Shutdown all vending machines December 2013

Summer of 2014 Extortion and racketeering with Jackie Lacey

Continues to steal, use vulgar lingo and sexually harasses me.

Removed vending machines and washeteria forcing residents to look elsewhere.

InKab/Noel Song

Molested my daughter when she was 4 years old"

The witness is afraid of Oprah retalaitions

INS/DOJ/DHS - 1998 Paperwork on subversive inlaws not addressed

Irving Post Office

Irving Blvd & Story

BF 55 Conpsiracy BF Dallas FBI 89 Stealing boxes when there was nothing wrong with the labels is a BF scam to sabotage

JFK Center - Dealy Plaza area 55-74

Joe Biden

Kate Middleton

Kim Robinson

Ki-Moon Bane

KIA "Soul"

Do not protect them from Racketeering charges

"Misooki's psychotic"

She taught him to flirt to get stuff!

Krispy Kreme

Greenville and Lovers


Cedar Springs & Reagan

Irving Blvd & Story

Greenville Forest & Jasmine

Cedar Springs 74

Irving Blvd Story 108-74/84 Removed chicken into cold storage

Greenville Forest Jasmine: "We're tired of filth." 108-74

RESTRICTED from one at PMH train stop (not allowed convenience)

Ladies of Charity



Racketeering with Oprah Winfrey against the United States

Langhart Communications 74 all dubs and downloads

The Libraries

Check RESTRICTIONS for this bunch

Golfing Green Webb Chapel 

Downtown Dallas: Central

Lake Branch 74 comments

Forest Green 74 comments and 72 

Library brochure #090603010 "Teen Crisis" 96/99

Tenth Madison

Royal @ Toll Road

Keller Springs Parkview

Beltline Hillcrest

Josey Hebron

North Locust

North Irving has Freegal for in-house use only.

Who plays fair in devil world?

Lily Pad

Downtown Park First listing on menu is a violent message from Canada: "First yo or no you" is a dictatorship

Los Angeles, California (STUFF)











Has been subverted by the District Attorney's Office

Not a safe place for Debbie.

Majors Medical Books Butler Tex Oak was being stalked

Marcus Annex Senior Center

Modello Dennis 3/8/11


M.A. Strauss is subversive

The Matrix 27


Mockingbird Stemmons

DFW Turnpike Chalk Hill 9/28

Valley View FB Restrictions

Meadow Central Market Security Guard 10/28 99

Memorex CD Player - Racketeering and 27: Replacing superior product with inferior to appease EVIL JEALOUSY

Mexico - Amnesty and Racketeering

Go to Imperialism for deeper explanation

Medical City of Planoposter at Galatyn Park Station 96

Mental Health America of Texas "ver 8/09 - Mind games with government $ is Racketeering

Metrocrest Bible Church - Josey FB, Blacketeering, Timing 27

Minnie David

Michelle Obama

Misook Park

Moon Bloodgood

Myo Kim

NAACP: "Espionage is not advancement.. It's crime."

Nancy Davis 74 70

NASA - Sabotage and terrorism without a warrant""

Nature's Made Melatonin: Are you responsible for these hikes in pricing?

Nestle's does it to the Coffeemate

NOKIA Theater in Grand Prairie 74

NSA 70 Sabotage

Office Depot 

Josey & Forest: Took the carts away

North Carrollton - Don't make this a habit!

Forest & Central

Office of the Comptroller 74

Oprah Winfrey **

"Osman bin Ladin is a figment of Bush-Oprah and Dan Quayle's imagination"

Panasonic's 108 took product off the shelves of Walmart 89/Conspiracy

Parkland Hospital 70

Payless Shoes

Abrams Skillman - Subversive message - Haggard Park event

There is $ in every complaint filed on me!

Pet Smart

Greenville Ave near Lovers Lane Station

Does not sell parakeets or canaries anymore

Post 292T - 79, 74

Post Office. - Making "Priority" tape easy to peel off and re-apply - Terrorism

Post Office - FB 74, 99 in the Big Lots parking lot

Post Office - Royal 99, 74 Still racists"

Power Net Global - There goes that phone number again. I'll send you a sample.

Presbyterian Hospital ER - Walnut HillGreenville - Refusal to render aid on 2x

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse advocates terrorism to sell you stuff"

Public Utilities Commission

Puritan Vitamins

Bromelain no longer works the same as first batch. Re: Cellulite removal

Pyramid Tally - Changing the structure  27

Then they doubled the prices

And it was harder to hold on to.

Which means, easier for the laser to steal from me.

Queen of England

Bottomless Pit Castle

Racketeering, Espionage and Rape 10L: "I am now in Evil."

Queen Latifah

Quick Car Service

Royal Reeder

Quick Trip

Still being trained in games - Forest & Bankway

74 Both 99s 1/18/11

Smith - Dallas Police Officer stalking and terrorizing Debbie with espionage

Race Trac

Forest Lane Station

Radio Shack

See Memorex

You know that was wrong to take a good recorder off line.

Republic of Korea - Racketeering. Espionage and Terrorism Play is conspiracy

Richland College's Emeritus After 50 Fall 2010 schedule - 27 objectification 7/14

Richardson Police Department - Slandering Debbie makes it unsafe for her to be in our cities.

Richardson Public Library 

Arapaho Central

Racketeering with "no Irving"

Richard Thornburgh says when Rice cries Debbie has to give up her family!

Robert Osborne - Bossing her around for black espionage is terrorism/27"

Roosevelt High School Cheerleader 74

Royal $ & Food Store - Dennis Royal 11/4 LBJ & Harry Hines Still listening to Oprah Winfrey, 99s"

Spending $ on Debbie's alma mater DBU



Sandra Bulloch

Sarah Jessica Parker

Senator Al Franken's imitation/71

White Rock Station 12/31 - 74

I thought we were friends. What is this?


Senior Adult News now in Publications above

Sign Mall

Royal Reeder voices Rice 74" 10/18 

SMU Police

Bush allowed and not Debbie is a felony!

Software Billions Club

Theft from bank of $54. in July

FBI failed me and statute of limitations blocked recovery

Song Family 

Racists Retaliations and Illegal immigration"

Skinny for Oprah espionage and tactics on Debbie"

Sorehead BF DART Police uses lasers on me when she doesn't get her way.

Southwestern Bell

Downtown Dallas: Theft

Paperwork stolen by neighbor across the street with pass key


Royal Marsh - Changed denomination to raise prices

"Sidney" on Debbie 84-108-99

Stanford University Medicine

55-57 this website of NC#5 link for Oprah Winfrey echelon

Stanley Robinson

Staples - Removal of tapes from shelves

Royal Preston

Campbell & Coit 

Adiison Beltline

Irving Beltline

Employee comments are in Secret Service doesn't work for me..


Calls the cops on me when I submit stories

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

Loop 12 Bachman - BF Devilry against me with echelon's espionage

The Suburban Newspaper

Duncanville #38 - 74

Did Smith contact you yet, to complain about me?

If you don't go along with her, are you hit with the laser, like me??

Super Plaza Mexican Gorcery

Webb Chapel Royal - Hates me because I said NO!

Swarzenegger & Shriver 's 74

Thanks Los Angeles.

Swanson Vitamins.

Shouldn't be open to communists to get at me.


Monfort LBJ Shelf terrorism

Scheduling to send hatemail on specific dates

Comments in Secret Service etc.

Tetco #616

North Tollroad & Beltline" 8/26/10 Melodrama 

Texas Lottery is fixed for favors and hatemail 11/18

Todd Palin**

Tom Thumb - It's against the law to invade another's privacy. 

Forest/Marsh Omar

Abrams hates mop

Town of Ashby - Extortion of Police Chief 1987

"We'll never forget you."

Turtle Creek News

Turner Hardware

Josey Valley View

TV Land

Change of schedule 1/3/11 - 70

70-You never read her=99


Terrorism and Lying to raise their charghes against me!

"These bxtards evil!"

UFO-ology is subversion and a fraud to get $ for DoD" and I don't want to hear that vulgar language from you. If anyone is that, it's you for using this tech to stalk people"""

United Nations running the show against Debbie is

Univision said don't come to their Tamale Festival in November 18

UPS Store

Richardson's Coit

Carrollton's Rosemeade

U.S. Navy Observation Teams, noteably Winston

U.S. Postal Service - 55

U.S. Secret Service

U.S. Supreme Court

Virgin America DFW

Wifi Kiosk at Main & Griffen 74-99s 63

Veterans Affairs

VAMC - Changing "Veterans First" motto to veterans and employees working together for loud mouth is 74.


Veteran's Day Parade in Downtown Dallas had a low turnout due to echelon hearing subversives. Compare photos to discover who may be hearing the devilry.! Did anyone else notice it??

Virginia Williams

"Visit Pensacola" 2011 Bay Area Visitor's Guide 74 and laser =96

Vivatar - 99 See Memorex


Let's police on her without warrants

Allows sabotage for a price!

Voter Registrar -  Subversive activities and laser


Preston LBJ

Keller Springs Josey 72

Walgreens Circular of 10/17 74-99s p. 11


Lemmon Central 

South Irving on 183

Midway 635 - Ditto

North Irving - Ditto

Walmart - Central Lemmon : 2/14 Shelf removal73 BF 70 with a child that made a threat

North Carrollton


Arlington's on Randol Mill Road

Wayne Brewster-McCarthy

Weather Channel

When will Vivian Brown gropw up?

White Rock Weekly

Vol. 2, #4: 96

Plano 10/2 Still hasn't sent me the requested materials.

Ask for your address and then fail to mail things, is the Mormans, too..

Williams Square in Las Colinas

is Death" In freemasonry, the first horse's left leg up is a British game of terrorism on married persons who don't cowtow to the regimes of anticristian rules and regulations...

Winston Subversive if protected by tech" 11/12

W.T. White High School Marching Band 99s! 11/11 Illegal comments is a felony"

W.W. Samuel's - Echelon is subversion, 13

Yahoo - 57 to this day 6/9/10-3/8/11

Yogurt Time - Preston Valley - No longer carries vanilla

Yong Im Kim-Song

Zylotrin 89"



Your employees are out to ruin you. Contact someone.

Calling the police on Debbie for every little thing that pops up in your head is troublemaking. Do you think you're an original with this question or observation? Have you ever considered that the echelon in your head has been used with many others before you to harass Debbie?

* And don't call Japan's thugs to laser me either" 


Cops rule when Debbie comes before spouses, if said spouse breaks the law! We all had to take this vow, including Reagan.


Closed: Oprah racketeers to create a protection barrier around people in exchange for them giving up their free will and committing to obeying her every whim. This is called X208"


Use of this type of text dates back to 2005. He was not the subject and we might be able to prove him a stalker if you want to take things out of context!


Suffering from vandalism and torture for rebuking his cruel behaviors on me with Oprah as Loki in his head. This is also why something don't make it online. TRASH made things this way when you kidnapped my family with your subversive crap! My mouth is so swollen from torture, I  have to very carefully close it. You said no more lymph node torture.


June 16, 2010