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1. Vocal about my personal life to others and let's me hear it using ECHO.


2. Intrudes, snitches, stains and poisons people against me with lies, exaggerations and delusions"


3. Bossy Almighty know-it-all and wrongly defines a situation to make troubles on me"


4. Threatens to do harm, usu. as 89. Always assures me he can escape prosecution.


5. Boasts of mind controlling others and drops names of cahoots with him.


6. Assaults with the lasers:


7. Vandalism


8. Uses others to steal, harass, evade, ridicule and enter my residence without permissions.


9. Moves things from place to place to disturb. Doesn't own up to it until it's found.


10. Erases memory and invades thoughts and other conversations.


11. Passes judgment etc without Due process/warrants.




October 8, 2014


24/7 - Don't make copies of this one.





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