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X102 if anything is messed up on this website!

251. I said no human and no McDonough [Catholic Christians].

252. Stalks the candidates with her version of twisted terrorism.

253. Every time Debbie talks good about a product or service, destroy it!

254. "All I see is crazy" triggers obstruction and violence on me as 89.

255. I'll say you made it all up!


The picture above is Loretta Lynch's pals saying she wins against me with Goose Drama.

257. Ignore her!

258. Make everything painful (in her body when used) until she stops [contacting the police departments in America]. 84-89


261. I said never respect her. 70813 thru BF on JA2 1825 hrs with 53 laser

262. I want no comfort. $23.19 has been stolen from my bank 708

263. I want no happiness for her until she obeys me.

264. I said "just once" with Myo Kim/adultery or no home. [still saying this since May 1997]. This is punishment for going to EEOC in 1990 at the advice of a supervisor.

265. Refuse access to her website in Dallas libraries. [Condi Rice said it too].

266. "No two of anything"is fascism!

267. No happy thoughts. Make her miserable.

268. Marriage without sex is love" is Oprah Winfrey's version of what it better be or else!

269. "I want no more sexy" was said again!

270.  "No thrift store shoes or sabotage."

271. "No spirit. You must lie to get along with us." 1/12/14

272. Using BF in 350: "I'll open the door [if I report their crimes on me]" is a threat to assist with laser keys a thief to enter my room and steal for them as retaliation. 1/13/14

273. "I'll use Danny to stop her." 84-55

274. No family heritage. No past. In 100 years, whites were never here.

275. You don't need him.

276. You're fake if I can knock you down. I said no wealth!

277. No weighing less than 134.

278. "You're too Alf."

279. "I said no crazy play."

280. "I'm dangerous."

281. "You can't go against Condi Rice without facing us." 

282.  "I want Mitt Romney. I don't like her in my way."

283. "He loses his head when he's in her thing."

284.  "You won't like my hype."

285. "You're too horney around him." [#157 at it again]

286. "I have to break you for Bent Tree."

287. "It's my vagina (color) first."

288.  "If I see you getting up, I have to knock you down."

289. "Make sure she stinks, so I can get away." (see #75)

290.  "I want no hot tw--."

291.  "It's international [in your] privy, if you want him."

292. "She's against people of color."

293. "I think she's nothing but trash."

294. "It's just physical" meaning the marriage bed isn't sacred.

293. "You'll never knock me down for what I say."

294. No husband.

295. I want to follow the British. Children only (PCO) or it's a hole.

296. Debbie bores me with the law.

297. I said cruel and unusual until she's dead!

298. I don't like her skin (color).

299.  You can't have my [husband].

300. I'll let everyone in except her [means block me from seeing my website as it really is].

301. What does it mean?

302. Give me the names of the MHMR workers and I'll put the tapes back on the shelf.

303. No Yonkers.

304. I'll cut her spleen.

305. I can arson.

306. The police don't have to know [about crimes that are committed in undetectable ways]..

307. "I never liked your family."

308. "You're crazy if you don't play my game." 2

309. "No Beck" 4, 29 [See #102]

310. "She takes too many pictures" is a felony!

311. "Now" is an Oprah cue word meaning quicksand, boobytrapped and punji sticks hidden in all future actions that may occur.

312. "You must share all things with me" or else... prevents professionalism. Other aspects of their illegal entries are:

313. "Debbie better learn humility to my fist. That's right, you guessed it - gastroenteritis."

314. "See! See! She's a spendthrift."

315. "I pushed him out of commissioner with my foot."

316. "You're not going to get him [InKwon] by telling the truth."

317. "She's out of touch." (Usu. #93) but always 55/racketeering

318. "I said no free whites. All must be monitored by us."

319. "Stop her website. It's all bullshit."

320. I said no working on Saturday.

321. "Your twxt is teeth on me. They have to go."

322. "I don't want any significance given to Debbie."

323. No chewing gum. 25-92

323. "No tapes makes you poo."

324. She tells the Secret Service to darken my TV screen and take the cable away.

326. "I'll show her wild" and then esculates an alreadfy intolerable situation with her on Debbie.

327. " I said no Howard Keel."

328. No power. (27)

329. "No sosh if you try to get him back with your thing."

330. "A cop now wherever you spit" is vulgar terrorism using bad police officers"

331. "I want no private conversations."

332." I said no sound effects."

333. " I want her empty for the rest of her life for telling on the queen."

334. "Always remember I have the laser and can use it any time I want."
  • "Full-proof" is a dictatorship first.
  • "No redeeming her bank points anymore.
  • Take Valerian Root off store shelves. I don't like it she has help staying cool, calm and collected.
  • No more lust for plates.
  • No popular in Texas."
  • "She's so fcking petty its pathetic."
  • 92-29, 92-13 and other parts of my legs when I work the streets (X261)
335. "You're just an imitation!"
  • "She's just jealous you were trained in that occupation."
  • 336. "She has too many pictures in her website. Make it stop" means restrict her access to scanner in Denton.
  • "If you think so, too, complain."
  • You can only protect her from me once. If I attack her again, you better laydown" is fascism..
336. "I said no ruggedness" is Misooki getting up in dishonesty and violence.X337. "She's had my penis between her legs for too many years"
  • All colors are not the property of blacks..
  • Somebody catch this dog and put it to sleep!
  • Eventually, Oprah will turn America into Auschwitz
  • Fits X261
  • Vulgar terrorism is her not me.
338. "No making a hero out of her for telling on black plastic."
  • RESTRICTIONS is a blacklist for telling on black fascism.
  • What she calls telling on her is what the police would call "during a home invasion."
  • Sabotages everything I do to make me look bad. (See below 340-356)
  • She calls sabotage "play" to make it sound harmless when in actuality every time they make me "look crazy" I get assaulted more often.
339. "No eating English walnuts, dairy (ice cream) and bread or I'll cause constipation."340. I want no character built into anyone.341. "I said no true love." 48342. "I said erase!" people's minds with lasers.343. "No using her vagina to hold a husband or I'll kill her son" is
  • a hate crime.
  • Secret Service 94-50. Forcing her to do things for you by messing up her website violates the 3rd amendment"
  • Obviously putting a woman in a man's vacated seat, isn't going to make things better"
  • And who was that egging on Burger Island?
344. "Everything must be locked up twice or I can steal it."345. "I know how to make men mental."346. "That'll cost a tooth."347. "No real pictures or I'll murder her for trying to subvert me" aka communism.348. "Don't let her emails get through to me."
  • I am blocked from getting to several family members and those I do get through to are ditching me!
  • They think talking to them is wrong. When it in fact is what families do.
  • Kim Robinson is wrong!
  • She will pay for it what she's doing. There is no mercy with these people if they get solid evidence on youes. Bush Sr. is in trouble too. Sorry, Donna, but that's not Christian"
  • Secret Service obedience to Oprah is communism. Sabotaging private lives permits this dictatorship.
349. "No medical care unless it's a matter of life and death."350. "He's never going to hear these songs (in Korean) because I'm going to blow out his ears."
  • See #269
  • Fascist fcking sluts"
351. Make her grandson into a famous troublemaker for trying to get up without me."
  • What she does to men on EASYASPIE!
352. "You're subverting us."
  • Obstructs audio while making home slideshows because it "hurts her."
  • I used to these things a long time ago with a VHS camera.
353. When I get done beating down [a government agency], they won't shoulder you and there will be a bloodbath."354. Only first marriages can explain the Bible to us."
  • "Go to hell!"
355. "Only black-white mixed marriages can get up in the light."
  • Racist!.
356. "You're not suppose to be seen."
  • It's a big country. How did I get seen? Whose tying all the loose ends together, Mam?
  • What are you doing to my life before Washington?
  • Communist rule cannot stand the competition, so they make stink!
357. "BAM! if you don't obey me."
  • This is WW III: Repugnant racist stalkings is any government official coming for Oprah (X208)
  • Thank you, Mom.
  • Devivative of Alabama, Condi Rice's home of record.
  • See #44

358. "I want no more Catholic."

359. "There is nothing you can call your own."

361. "I'll pay (for my crimes) if I can get away with it now."

362. "I said no sexy around us or I'll use my penis."

363. You're a disease.

364. Continue no Mrs. is ugliness

365. No body (of Christ) means no real.

366. No photographs or leaking.

367.She's a hoax

368. No seeing eye dogs.

369. I get to Bill Bixby him!

370. I said no dentists. I don't care if I am ruined.

371. "I don't want him white."

372. "I said punishment."

373. "I want Donna to be a fist."

374. It's more fun to torture a person who has no slave ownership in their family history.

375. "Die."

376. "She's going to learn not to blame" was said during a space movie named Love.

Affirmative Action in NASA is the O-rings/Oprah rules in 1986. It meant no Christianity for the oriental. And that's a damn good attitude to have against your murdering kind.

377. I'll make him drink whiskey. I can take him (away from you anytime I want as reparations for slavery). I'm Pisces. He'll never look at your pussy again."

378. "I want no Holy Bible." (Repeat)

379. "You're Euro-bent."

380. "No Constitution."

381. "I brainwash them not her twot."

382. "I said uh-uh. I said no."

383. "I said no business cards. They make me look bad." 38, 99-55 Theft and RICO

384. Uh! Uh! grunts the beast and her echo bounces everywhere.

385. Everything blue belongs to me.

386. Oak Cliff belongs to me. I'm going to knock her down if she walks around.." 33

387. "All I have to say is Don Quiote and everyone will hear me."

388. "I said no healthy in the White House."

389. "I said no Hemingway. Actually we think you're comical (says Bush also). We don't like your zeal."

390. "I'm going to take one of your breasts when you get to D.C."

391. "I'll Shupe her."

392. "I said no convenience."

393."No burning" was said during MP3 downloading.
  • Crashes apps and android to obstruct streaming
  • Silly messages spring up as intimidation.
394. "The little babies belong to me."
  • "You thought I was kidding, but I'm not. And you're not going to kill anymore babies with your twot either. My free exercise is communism. I own Uncle Mackey."
  • Michelle Obama: "She scares me."
395. "I want no loud" which is racist for censorship or "Silence."
  • Christopher Plummer for her; "I want her silence."
  • And so it goes, everyone doing #208.
  • Millions are ready to come and go to prison for her.
396. "I know how to give bad dreams397. "No emotional device." 6398. "I'm a Leo and there is no God or you'll see my temper when I get up."
  • She's an Aquarius. No, I don't know what you mean.
399."I said no religious. Money is the answer to crime....400. "I'll scald her to death (in the shower)."401. "Debbie is always last."402. Make the Mexicans (illegals) comfy cozy.
  • Treason! and a hate crime on legal civilians.
  • Another communist demand!
  • Spoil them into rottenness like Neville Chamberlain did to Adolf Hitler.

403. "No Freeh!"404. "I said no more indivisible. You have to share your kids."405. "No Facebook." See #24 and 225.406. "Don't let her get up for telling on us (#14).
  • No matter how many pies she steals, you must remain silent is sadism.
407. "No witness. I said hit her in the feet."
408. "No growing flowers in the window sill."409. "Take the TV away, so I can keep her awake at night without it."
  • Racketeering with LAPD, Jackie Lacey, Michelle Obama, TWC and Loretta Lynch.
  • Give her an inch and she takes a mile.
  • "Keep her awake until she obeys."
  • "Don't let her sleep until 0600." 0245 hrs 5/18/15
  • Winston comes: "I'll drip her ..." 0310 hrs
  • Another: "Now I can pop her again." 0328 hrs.
410. "Ignore the president."
  • Read her hate in BARRY. 
411. "Hit her in the torso," said Donna to Oprah.412. "I said no hot!" 413. "Nobody gets to see him, but me."414. "I'm going to make a hole and stick him in it.
  • "I said no Jesus Christ or I'll jump in your bed."
  • "I know how to abort you!"
  • Will Yoon Lee
  • Lynch 92-2 after hearing "Excellent."
  • Trying to find a way to convict is terror.
415. "I said no true love between her and Clinton." 92-35416. It's my turn with the moguls (FBI Directors)."

417. "I'll take her down."

418. "No man up."

419. "No Texas relatives."

420. "No virgin."

421. "I don't want the breath of her hole in my men."

422. "NO FAITH!"

423. "My complaint of him is automatic."

424. "We're a force for no God."

425. "No creel! I said no bold! Nobody wants to hear your crap."

426. "No Song or you'll see me be a bitch."

427. "I want a tooth!" 5/19/15 0024 hrs

428. "I want no miracle."

429. "I said no new (Testement) come" means ignore Christians.

430. "I own the military" during 92-16 and Air Force One.

431. "I'm going to take over the government...."

432. He can go back if she agrees to no sex. I want him (for Myo Kim)."

433. "I did Denton."

434. "I won the Jews. I'm my own day."

435. "You could slip while hitting her with the laser. I don't want him believing in Jesus."

436. "I said everyone in her family is an object and I am their replica."

437. "His business is my business because the Klan said."

438. "I'll tell everyone she's crazy."

439. "I think I'll take a look" is said to the Secret Service and they give her access to Debbie's private abode or life on her cellphone or laptop.

440. "Debbie has to face it: I own EVERYTHING!!"

441. "No real fidelity to his wife for going to EEOC against me" is speaking of a black female named Virginia Williams.

442. "No cellphone. You were warned not to play with Condi Rice's police."

443. "Condi Rice is Booth on [that one] if she tries to get up with you."

444. "I wanna see no zeal in that one."

445. "I'm Oprah" said a BF who pretended to fix a Self Service machine at the post office #75219, while I was there.
  • In all the years I have been going there, never did it breakdown.
  • This female was wearing a black muslim cap.
446. "You can't have the savings account and checking account booth accurate."
  • This is her excuse for robbing my bank at the end of the month.
  • Funny thing about this was I didn't have a savings acct. with Bank One and that didn't protect me.
  • When Sullivan was director, this didn't happen to me!
  • She defames me when she forces me to borrow from my savings acct.

447. "I said no tighty whitey."

448.  "I will kill you if you tell on Myo Kim again." #71

449. "Pick one: The FBI or the police."

450. "I give heart attacks." 42

451. "I enjoy jumping on her."

452. "I'm no holy nation. I'm totally no family."

453. "I killed Uncle Mackey with my laser. That's why I said no touching Houston (NASA)."

454. "I don't want people to remember this country was white."

455. "I'm taking away your purse."

456. "No Able. It makes us look bad."

457. "No Christmas Day."

458. "Condi Rice doesn't like you!"

459. "I did Kimmie [1999] to put you out on a limb."

460. "I said no coming for you a second time or I'll get up. No In Kwon."

461. "And I'm going to put that laser on the moon and you're not going to stop me!"

462. "Continue no famous/no cellphone"

463. "We kill everything (that doesn't obey them)!"

464. "I can kill your church."

465. "I said no old hole."

466. "It means I can kill the Mick."

467. "I told you she wasn't real. You're a freak."

468. "I can stink on everything you did. I said no sexy or I'll call Taylor."

469. "I told you, you can't say anything to me or I'll turn it around and call you a racist."

470. "I'm not going to let her TV work no matter what the landlord does."

471. "I'm prepared to lock you up if you snap from my terrorism."

472. "I'm going to kill him (your husband) be cause you said you didn't want him" coming around using Oprah's teeth on me like a stranger on the bus."

473. "I don't care what Homeland Security says. They're my police! Everyone comes for me.. 47 I said no Holy Bible." 50, X121 and 126. "If you were a miracle, you wouldn't need [that one]. I'm suppose to take the sizzle out of the snizzle [social engineering]." 33, 29

474. "I own your Asian."

X2-No privacy: Forcing change on people/families/couples with high tech

475. "I'm going to raise the son without her pussy in him."

476. "You can't have a TV and a cellphone.

477. "I don't want to see a foreigner in that White House before me."

478. "No 7-UP!"

479. "The Secret Service is going to tear you apart at the [VA Hospital] for telling on me.... and my machine." 5/24

480. "I can get them to recant."

481. "It's Misooki first!"

482. I can extort every dentist to inject her with AIDS.

483. "Just survival. No life!"

484. "He can only come home if he plays games against her."

485. "I said no snacks...."

486. "I'll use Steve." [since 11-18-11]

487. "I said cruel and unusual until she's dead" in a very loud voice in my room.

92-33 "I could shore them with the ... if you would agree to [procreation sex only]."

488."I can break [into] any safe."

489. "No human miracles. I better see a blimp or I'll get up."

490. "I don't like her having a voice." 6/17/12

491. "I will kill one of your [children] if you don't obey us." 92-29

492. "No more pretty hair. I can make it fall out" with the lasers.

493."...So what I trapped (88) her little boy...." LEAVENWORTH

494. "I disqualify everyone from running for public office that likes Debbie" was said in Feb. 2012.

495. "I want her unhealthy again."

496. "I'll get that ...pencil for talking to her again."

497. "I'm not going to let her up until everything (in America) is under my control."

498. "I'll destroy the divine spark in everyone." 6/13/15

499."Either a job or the husband." You can't have both was implied.

500. Regis & Kathie Lee


Messing up the pages of this website is Dallas FBI Affirmative Action and Oprah Winfrey's Secret Service room known as NORTHWEST.