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May 6, 2016

Video at the bottom of this page is how Echelon works

against the nations it's used upon.

Why there is no song here, see bottom 




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To understand, amnesty fully, go to STEMMONS

Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution:

"... all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authortiy of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby...."

Guadelupe Hidalgo




and requires RACKETEERING,

which uses ECHELON,

 and, of course, CORRUPTION

 to help LUST stay in America -

and you know where you can take apartheid!




 The good people of Travis County, Denver, San Francisco,

 Governor of Florida and New Mexico

My Children: Steven, Debbie and Mikey

The Republican National Convention/Cmtes.

The People's Republic of China,

Secretaries of Defense,

People for the American Way 

The British Embassy,

and also American Embassies in Mexico, China and Cairo



I told Vicente Fox*

and also Mr. Hinojsa, Lopez

Felipe Calderon

and Al-Queda





Mexican female at terminal #6 [2.28 hrs 9/19/12]:"I don't want him to want your puddy." Her boyfriend, sitting next to her: "You'll never see him again." And so it goes, where stalkers and espionage reigns.

 Michelle Obama is racketeering with Mexicans to turn this country into South America"

less faith in God"


I'm not the only one, so don't get a big head out there with the access and espionage or you'll find yourselves in CPUSA!

(Typos are Dallas FBI sabotage to make Goose feel better!)



The Bureau of Vital Statistics in Dallas changed its format to exclude the following heretofore available on birth certificate information (after stealing the two copies I had):

Parents' Names, Place and date of birth

Your parents' address on day of your birth

The time of your birth.

The doctor that attended your birth

Signature of the person(s) who recorded the information on the day you were born.

Hence a photostatic copy of the day you were born.

Without this, they think they can get away with something in America.

As more and more slip in with governments like this, it will only be a matter of time before....


This is a wall. Issue temp. ID for seasonal entry and exit.

Sell the idea to southern border countries.

Their income sent home subsidizes their economies. They won't be taxed. This is a loss to us.

Help us build this wall"

Get everyone in on it and commemorate sections to donors.

And this one is still standing"

The law first, not this bellyaching subversive troublemaking: I

clearly don't want to hear from Condi Rice and Oprah feeling guilty about

Extreme on Mexico worked out here!


*National Action Party

Leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party


** Echelon is Rule-to-speak - a relay system between officials that's being abused with espionage and lasers and persons without security clearances! for the purpose of screaming to the press "racism" to get their ways in the eyes of the world". Just deal with your lot in life and stop with the pretenses. And I don't want to see smelling the hand again"



"We shouldn't be hearing about this at jury duty."


Gibbons v Ogden, 22 U.S. 1,211 (1824)

Morales v TWA, 504 U.S. 374, 387 (1992)

Canas v Bica 424 U.S. 351, 96 S.Ct. 933, 47 L.Ed.2d 43 (1976)

Parkside's was talking out of two sides of their mouths with ugly fist and gigantic mobs in their corner.

 A. Regulation of Immigration: is the process of making a person a green card-holder/working and tax paying citizen. I processed 8 relatives through this line from 1975-1982.. [They're calling a monkey wrench a violin, so they can protect subverives].

  B. Using a process to describe an event - crossing the border illegally..Fremont, NE; Phoenix, AZ; Hazelton, PA; Riverside Township, NJ and Farmer's Branch, TX should be exonerated.

  C. Small towns have a right to their Identity even if it chooses not to cater to illegalism. Look what they did to my family! They'll make people afraid to do what is right and then another mob is on your back..

  D. I think undocumented/illegal aliens should not be defined by anyone as "immigrants" and to do so is subversive""

  E. Leaking tape content without permission is a felony that stalkers love to hold over my head. They will catch you, too..

  F. "No teeth for whites" (attorneys or law enforcement agencies) is an overthrow because you didn't do a good job opf protecting Debbie's privacy"

  G. That's sad we have to beat up our own to show allegiance to illegals, now, too!""

  H. "They're gunning for you in (Korean) Irving, so don't go there - a PV haven."

  I. Racial profiling is often misapplied to create a spin or racial aggression which we will proudly be able to handle in the name of liberty for all except the scumbag criminals they're looking for. (Thank you). We do not see trespassers and others clamming up to the police in this Information Age of easy access""



Deliberate to force change"

That's it! Keep going! 


1. HTTP://NEWS.YAHOO.COM/VIDEO/LOCAL-15749667/20142493

(I warned them years ago about the Taser on Hispanics/small frames, but there's always the possibility deaths are caused by that troublemaking laser, which includes during a chokehold")


2.Looking for trouble in everything is subversive. We don't need the politics of hype, oh, I mean Hinkley" (41-laser)


When I started this list of Drama, it was plentiful and now it's censored.


Don't play games. You're not a hundred percent. And I'm sure briberies changes things.




When they said: "We'll burn Texas down" in 1999 in Irving,

do you think they're doing California to scare me?



John McCain is playing with Condi Rice and this bunch against us".



So there!



MM at terminal Delta upstairs in Farmer's Branch like so many others just spoke to me: [We can hurt you and your stuff - implied earlier] "because you're fake." The MF said: "Because you're fake is why we don't like you." She's dubbed on a cellphone and dropped the name of "Misooki" as her God.

On the road walking from Carrollton, I vehicle containing two MM said as I entered a crosswalk at Pleasant Run & Josey: "We're going to put Rawlins in because he doesn't like you."

Now, this cryptic crap is called fascism and how to understand

 it is to reverse their comments. They're the fake ones, that's why they're stalking us and intruding. She's sitting right next to Lydia, which can be found doing trouble at the bottom of NYSE.


North Carolina #45 "La Mairna"


The second weapon of communism is created fear from espionage and organizing resistance groups to combat legal societies with large numbers to break American's resolve. This is called "Misooki" in many places.

April 29, 2010



Come Out and Play Official Trailer
This is happening now, when they come across the borders without their parents.


THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA (only if you can support yourselves!") Any other way is subversions"

So there"

So there"