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"Violations of the 4th, no matter who or how is a felony. And if they're constantly at you, in a criminal way, it violates the 3rd."

If a word is underlined, you'll find it in DEFINITIONS

If it's a bold red word, it's a webpage on this site. I'm in the process of updating accordingly.





 Attorney General Eric Holder:  "She was born in Texas under a star. Bush fizzles out everything Debbie tries to do. And that front page is one of his opportunities"

Attorney General Greg Abbott: Bush is a snitch. No Michelle or Carson stalking us"

The grandchild is out, too.."

The truth isn't poison.

Robert S. Mueller, III:   "No communism to get things done. Beck is pew. You complain too much" Dallas FBI is GOOSE communism" and violates Oaths of Office as a matter of fact" "Debbie is a problem for Bush" is filth"..

Opus Dei: We taught the Mexicans lust.

Michael Reagan: Thanks for catching them on my Mom. If she can't read her writing in the dark, they laser her. Why is the tape recorder wrong when it can prevent punishment and assure accuracy? Anything Oprah is terrorism on Debbie"

Bush Sr. is not my campaign manager" (if I needed one) and I never needed or wanted Bush for anything. He's been a constant bitch in my face since the Safeway in Silver Springs, MD. He's too weak and so is his pathetic, troublemaking team"

Commissioner Kelly: "It's a felony to put petty on Debbie when she's working for us."

88-84 Dallas Police Departments

Chief David Pughes: Communists stalking Debbie is a felony!. I'm proud of you working those streets."

Dallas Police: Raising her rent to make her look unsuccessful is a hate crime.


James Moroney 214-977-8385 That's the Dallas Morning News' job.

Heaven help us isn't deceit!

White House: "Reparations for slavery when none of us were slaves, is tyranny. Retaliations without warrants are fascism" Blacks are fake if they break her stuff. No access to fakes where Debbie is concerned"

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 ((Torture and illegal disapprovals in Trump Administration)

Torturing her out of life is communism.

Stop playing with Debbie's business

Year of 2014: 55,138

Year of 2015: 102,885

Year of 2016: 84,438

Year of 2017: 37,497

June total: 5,844
This cycle: 1,176

14)373 15)149 16)162 17)268 18)87 19)137

Debbie is the only one that gets it on a daily basis.

Hate Crimes: August - December 2014: 5,013

Year of 2015: 19,861

Year of 2016: 17,121

Year of 2017: 6,601

June: 966

This cycle: 271


Put those plates on or Criminal Mischief

Homeland Security

If you know about it, obviously, it's not a secret, is it?

Jan '99 - '17= 18.4 yrs of acute laser torture"

Steadily escalating terrorism since March 1990

20.4 yrs Monogamous relationship obstructed as retaliation for EEOC: I went to EEOC in August  of 1990 because a black man was taking my job away so a black woman could subvert the program.

Invading Debbie's privacy (espionage) with games is terrorism.

Debbie is wearing an SOG Wire and the police have access to it

One Nation Under God means no Dominietzsche running things"

FOP: To see more, go to ARKANSAS.




Bush Sr. is threatening to break my TV. They already stop the DVD from working when I want to watch it.

Kellyanne Conway: "Not until I see proof" sabotage is ALT.


March 31, 2005

June 20, 2017

  1.  Taking down Debbie's reputation/stuff, so Oprah can get up is a felony"
  2. Write Tommy Class for racketeering with Oprah Winfrey as his part in obstructing Debbie's emails. I said no electronic obstructions and they continue to do so"
  3. They deliberately cause people to make mistakes, so they can sue"
  4. No fragile FBI stalking Debbie or me.
  5. Stalking our fiancés is a hell-o-ny: planning our lives accordingly - terrorism.
  6. What Facebook did to you was a felony. No, you cannot have him"
  7. Satellite securities without land lines up and running is a monopoly that is already in the wrong hands in many places"
  8. Deliberately lying to the police to tie us up on false reports is obstructive terrorism. Oprah's echelon (electronic voice) does this to a lot of cities.
  9. Forcing work stoppage on Debbie is a hate crime. What she says to police is police business, not yours!!.
  10. No high and mighty Kellyanne on Debbie. Trump will be arrested for stalking you with her"
  11. Wall Street is not to be controlled by Oprah and her ilk. We don't care what she says. We remember 9-11. We're still burying people" I heard that Oprah through the librarian at Bachman Lake branch. Is that called Commerce, her harassing Debbie? Is that what taxpayers get, a sick cruel woman living in the mouth of a city servant? What is she getting to be so mean to a total stranger? Wall Street's better re-think that position"
  12. Curtis is a subversive twit stalking Debbie with comments by her window at night, down the hall when she comes out of her room and in the hallway by Lacey King's room that is unprofessional and cruel.
  13. Samsung constantly asking for passwords and then locking you out of apps is communism.
  14. Espionage isn't legal and neither is Obstructions..
  15. What business is it of yours, [expletive], what she does with her cellphone?
  16. Things are still missing from Debbie's room! Winston, a BM in Defense opens her door with a laser. Why do you keep going in?
  17. All they do is make trouble, so we can't get to Debbie. "No happiness" is a coup.
  18. Mueller better start obeying the law where Debbie is concerned and remember who made her homeless in 2002"
  19. Tommy Class, Dallas FBI Field Director, calling Debbie "crazy" to Garland's Police Chief is a hate crime without evidence". What did Director James Comey tell him about Debbie? Why was Comey fired? So Kellyanne could get at Debbie with unlawful, ever-demanding brat Oprah!
  20. The Trump Administration is not Debbie's boss and we don't have to account to the smell of her. Juris Doctor, my ass!!!!! Lori can go to hell, too.
  21. End the illegal use of the word "po-po", which originally meant "kiss" because "no po-po" means no husband. Re-defining her words is a felony. No! it never meant police.
  22. Terrorizing her with thefts (B&E), so she packs many valuables and police work in a cart, is racketeering. Vet Tix - Communism. They obstruct her too much and that liar will be arrested.
  23. The vice presidency is not for stalking people and especially not our vets with service related disorders.
  24. Debbie's internet police work began during the reign of President Obama and Mark Sullivan, the Secret Service Director. Where do they get off butting into our stuff?
  25. Surveillance of the Welch household is sick of hearing Diane threaten her older sister for the likes of that one that threatens to kill Debbie and who sexually harassed her in Ci-Ci's pizza and then robbed our witness of something precious sent to her from Bill Clinton's secret service (echelon). Most of us vomit when we have to pull duty listening to them. You are sick people picking on your mother's first child for a member of a group that was in on the killing of your mother both times.
  26. Thanks Earl, for not talking that way about Debbie"
  27. Dallas FBI on NORTHWEST is a felony.. Debbie does not have to account to an intrusive, unlawful spy satellite stalking her with eavesdropping technology.
  28. Snitching on her is violation of the 4th amendment, if they're talking to a police entity. And espionage isn't a sure bet, as snitches have criminal motives.
  29. That's why Debbie doesn't play with you baxtards. She doesn't want the stink of crime on her holy name"
  30. "I see something" is not a legitimate statement and gives us evidence of wrongdoing. Consider this Miranda and I am not your friend.
  31. "I wanna see" means I wanna stalk Debbie. What's the matter with Defense, Mr. Trump?
  32. Raising her rent $50 for not taking a sign off her door you never confronted her about it is retaliation communism )Timing and rhetoric associated with it" The landlord will be (really) contacted about this game on a federal witness. And what is this about some people not being charged that higher amount? That indicates entrapment, which is a hate crime on a witness. [If they don't follow up in writing, it's not a real phone call. This is the only way to satisfy the Service].
  33. Too bad they're not "sacred" enough to stay out of her room and private drawers.
  34. Dirty games on Debbie for favors or protection is stalking. I don't care what they told you. You should have reported it, not saddled up and joined them!
  35. Communism is a hate crime on people and terrorism on anti-communists.
  36. We had an abundance of oriental names  in the Dallas Morning News on Saturday June 17th encoded with hate mail from Oprah Winfrey, who is infamous for such edicts: No real first means everything in the world must be racketeered into place by the Winfrey or else..
  37. Kellyanne is hateful...
  38. How many times have I said no communism on her, George? When are you going to stop listening to "no two hearts (beating as one)".? Write them both up for stalking Debbie and I.
  39. It's predator to be so intrusive on Debbie.

  40. Putting old pages on the internet Debbie has erased, updated or turned off is an attempt to defame her*


Oprah Winfrey and her crowd calls the above "crazy." If such happens to you, it's a felony! Notice the Ten Commandments aren't here. It's only a religion when/if they try to convert you.

Taking anything off of this website without proper notifications is communism/terrorism and Oprah showing off her espionage" Oprah is always playing games with other people's business!."

This is intimidation insinuating he's one of us.

Not shown is the address below. There is no signature.

Stalking charges anyone removing text or pictures from this website!

12-28-04 $1,004,305

03-22-05   2,006,195

06-13-05   3,008,770

08-13-05    4,034,250

11-02-05   5,055,390

02-07-06   6,099,040

03-16-06   7,128,675

04-11-06   8,129,895

06-03-06   9,138,240

11-22-06   10,057,415

01-26-07  11,023,670

04-06-07  12,012,385

07-12-07  13,007,150

12-07-07  14,036,638

05-16-08  15,086-132

10-08-08  16,042,245

05-14-09  17,007,025

11-05-09  18,111,850

12-05-09  19,037,490

02-04-10 20,034,570

03-11-10  21,021,090

04-09-10  22,074,960

05-07-10  23,020,890

07-13-10  24,089,111

09-07-10  25,001,285

10-27-10  26,020,390

12-30-10 27,006,800

03-24-11 28,003,005

06-06-11  29,105,650

07-28-11 30,000,505

09-23-11  31,015,595

12-12-11  32,047,120

02-13-12  33,000,200

05-01-12 34,031,765

07-06-12  35,112,440

12-05-12  36,015,685

04-17-13  37,033,630

10-06-13  38,016,305

02-12-14  39,016,305

04-17-14  40,006,390

08-10-14  41,038,330

10-08-14  42,065,805

12-05-14  43,083,664

03-23-15 44,007,260

05-21-15  45,018,550

07-11-15  46,085,365

10-02-15  47,097,730

11-30-15  48,019,045

02-12-16  49,058,620

04-05-16  50,082,480

                                                       05-20-16  51,062,635
                                                       07-09-16  52,003,320

                                                       08-06-16  53,028,065

                                                       09-06-16  54,010,335

                                                       10-11-16  55,072,105

                                                       11-08-16  56,021,805

                                                       12-14-16  57,061,020

                                                       01-10-17  58,017,595

                                                       05-01-17  60,007,150

Now we know what you're capable of. Squirm all you want; you're not getting away"